June 27, 2010

Victor Martinez: Left Thumb Fracture

Are you fucking kidding me?

Peter Abraham, Globe: No, I am not.
Martinez has a fractured distal phalanx, which is the bone on the tip of his [left] thumb. Martinez took two foul tips off his thumb. The first was when Pablo Sandoval was at bat in the second inning. The ball hit his thumb then hit him in the left big toe, the same toe that was hit by a foul ball back on May 24.

The second tip came when Andres Torres was at bat in the third inning. Martinez left the game after that inning. The ball bent his thumb back in the glove, causing the fracture. ...

"Dr. [Thomas] Gil has already seen the x-rays. It's not a given that he goes on the DL," Terry Francona said. "What bothered him today ... it was swollen, he was having trouble getting it in his glove. It's not a given that he'll go on the DL. It's not a given that he's going to be OK, either. We'll get him examined tomorrow and see where we go from there."

Martinez didn't think he would go on the DL.

"By the time I got to the dugout, it was starting to get [swollen]. I couldn't put my hand in the glove. It was kind of painful," he said. ...

The Sox have catching issues. Mark Wagner and Dusty Brown are on the DL in Pawtucket. The catchers there are Gustavo Molina and Juan Apodaca. Luis Exposito is in Double-A.


allan said...

Some good news, also from PA:

Buchholz had a little bruising behind his left knee. It's more of a lower hamstring injury then a knee. All indications are that he will stay off the disabled list.

Rick (f/k/a westcoastsox) said...

Lucky we have two off days in the next four days. We can give HH a little extra rest. But VMart, that's a problem. Anyone seen Doug Mirabelli? :-)

FenFan said...

I don't think anyone from that team should play the lottery any time soon.