June 22, 2010

Schadenfreude 95 (A Continuing Series)

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
Not much to say about tonight's game other than that it wasn't pretty. A.J. Burnett took the Yankees out of it early, giving up five runs - all with two outs - in the first inning, serving up three home runs in the frame.

That's a perfect four out of four for Burnett, who has been knocked around in each of his starts this month. Burnett is 0-4 with a 10.35 ERA in June [20 innings, 29 hits (9 HR), 11 walks]...
I'm not having fun right now.
George A. King III, Post:
In the four starts Burnett has made since [pitching coach Dave Eiland] took a leave of absence for personal reasons, Burnett has been wretched.

Last night was the worst when the lowly Diamondbacks spanked him early and hard in a 10-4 victory ...

"Dave is a big part of what we do here but I have been pitching for 11 years," Burnett said after absorbing a brutal beating. "You would think I would make adjustments on my own. ..."
Feinsand, Daily News:
Hours after Joe Girardi revealed his plan to skip Hughes' next start to keep the youngster's innings total down, Burnett went out and delivered one of his worst performances of the season.
Feinsand, Daily News:
The Hughes Rules are in effect. ...

Although the team deems it necessary to monitor Hughes' innings, it remains a risky move to skip the righthander after five straight wins in the midst of what is turning into a very interesting race in the American League East.
American League East
            W   L   PCT    GB
Yankees 43 27 .614 ---
Rays 42 27 .609 0.5
Red Sox 43 28 .606 0.5
Blue Jays 38 32 .543 5.0
Orioles 19 50 .275 23.5


Rick (f/k/a westcoastsox) said...

Yankees have been playing so well, there has been little opportunity for Schadenfreude this year. Happy to see its return, even if just for one day.

allan said...

Only the 2nd one so far this year.

There will be more.

Zenslinger said...

Watching the first few innings of this was a real pleasure. Burnett's another one I feel a bit of the Old Hatred toward.

Patrick said...

If they lose tonight and we win, I expect to see another.

tim said...

Schadenfreude: Euro World Cup Edition!

First tonight, pls.

FenFan said...

Schadenfreude... oh, how I've missed these!

Anonymous said...

i missed schadenfreude so much. it's the best thing you do on JoS.

laura k said...

Aww, Schadenfreude is making a troll cry. Poor little guy.

Rob said...

Schadenfreude for Schadenfreude!

allan said...

it's the best thing you do on JoS.

Hmmm, so I'm at my best when posting pictures and other writers' work ...

Rob said...

Better than the game threads? Aww my ego just took a punch to the gut.