June 3, 2010

Ortiz And Lester Named AL Player And Pitcher Of Month For May

David Ortiz and Jon Lester were named AL Player and Pitcher of the Month, respectively, for May.

Mike Cameron was told that he has tendinitis on the right side of his abdomen. There is no tear.
My next question to the doctor was to see if I could do any more damage playing, or trying to play through certain things. He told me probably not. I wouldn't probably do any more damage unless I went out and tried to play hurt, which we all know that hasn't been the case.
In addition to the MLB link above, the Globe also noted it was Cameron's right side. Was telling us that so hard?

Josh Beckett will not throw at all for another 10 days.

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Amy said...

Imagine what the team would be doing if Cameron, LBJ and Beckett were all playing as well as they could be. It's actually amazing what the team has done in May (and so far in June) without those three players. This gives me reason (yes, even me) to hope that we still have a shot at the post-season. If our players get healthy and the other AL East contenders suffer their share of mid to late season injuries (not that I am wishing that on anyone...ok, maybe ARod), then anything is possible.