June 19, 2010

Drew Gets MRI

J.D. Drew felt a pop in his right hamstring while sprinting in and catching Manny Ramirez's line drive to end the top of the third last night.

He was limping slightly as he came into the dugout and Darnell McDonald pinch-hit for him in the bottom half of the inning. Drew, the outfield's iron man this year, will have an MRI today.
Washington's Stephen Strasburg has struck out 32 batters in his first three starts, a new major league record. Strasburg has a 1.86 ERA and a 0.776 WHIP. Video of all 32 third strikes is here.
Joe Posnanski is confused about Daric Barton's love of early-innings bunting: "Holy #@!$#@$. ... This isn't just a waste of an out, it's crumpling an out, stomping on it with disdain, and then purposely not putting it into the recycle bin. Why would you do this? ... [The A's were] supposed to be breaking through baseball's mythology and illogic ..."


Anonymous said...

I especially liked the line:

"Stop that man. Use a crossbow if necessary."

Amy said...

Re Drew: OY