June 4, 2010

Fire Tim Bogar

In fewer than 60 games, Tim Bogar has joined Wendell Kim and Dale Sveum as one of the most incompetent third base coaches in recent Red Sox history.

In successive innings yesterday, Bogar sent a runner hampered by injuries -- the second guy, Darnell McDonald, had turned his ankle and was looked at by the team trainer only five pitches earlier -- into an easy out at the plate, both times for the first out of the inning.

Once is infuriating. Twice is clear evidence of incompetence. That Bogar has done it four or five times this season before yesterday's game means he should have been fired awhile ago. After the game, he showed that he had absolutely no clue about what he had done wrong.

First Bogar said the health and ability of the players to run "had nothing to do" with his decisions. Then he said:
It's all about results, and obviously both times I was wrong.
No. In this cases, it is not about results. It is about context. Even if somehow Martinez and/or McDonald managed to score, Bogar still made two horrible decisions.

Bogar has to know how hard the ball was hit, how strong the outfielder's arm is, the speed of the base runner, the situation in the inning, including the score of the game and who are the next few batters ... and Bogar seemed totally oblivious to every single one of those essential factors.
The first play was a pretty good play by their catcher. Pennington's got a strong arm, but it short-hopped him and (Suzuki) made a good play. It was a close play at the plate. ... [W]hen there is nobody out, you have to make sure they can score, and it just didn't go that way.
Suzuki made a good play on the off-target throw because he had so much time to get the ball and get back into position. Why did he have so much time? Because with his injured toe, Martinez's baserunning speed is Molinaesque.
That's who I am. I think we've talked before because of my overaggressiveness. Now, is it a fault? I guess if it continues to happen, yeah, I better pull it back.
You think you have been spoken to about your previous idiotic decisions? You're not sure? (Or does he mean being asked by the media?)

They converted both. If they don't, nobody's asking.
Tito is likely covering for Bogar. Even if Martinez was safe -- maybe Suzuki falls asleep waiting for Victor to get to the plate so he can tag him -- it was still a very dumb decision to send him home. Same thing with Microwave.

A SoSH thread documents Bogar's ineptitude on April 16, April 26, May 2, May 5, and May 15. Some of the screens shots included are literally beyond belief.

Bogar is costing the Red Sox games in a playoff race in which every win is vital. Why is the front office allowing this to continue?


Anonymous said...

Bogar is absolutely brutal. A complete joke. He needs to be gone. Yesterday. Good-bye. Bam!

Don't let the screen door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha.

Beth said...

I agree entirely with you about Bogar, but I also think Tito's response may also be due to a 'cry wolf' factor, given that certain elements around here hysterically cry for people's firing even without this amount of evidence to back it up. I'm sure it usually falls on deaf ears in the Sox clubhouse at this point, to our detriment when it really is warranted.

FenFan said...

You'll be happy to know that firetimbogar.com is available.

Ben said...


I remember the May 2 play very clearly--I started screaming at the TV as soon as Bogar sent him. There was no need to wait to see how the play came out -- it was obviously way too shallow a hit to score someone from second.

allan said...

Look at the last screen shot in this post -- and this shot!!!

Re the last one, a poster notes: "So, Bogar sent Pedroia when the hit was a one hop line drive to the Roberto Clemente of the fricking minor leagues and was in his glove before Pedroia hit third. This is the sort of oblivious to details attitude I would have expected of the Grady Gump regime, not Francona's coaching staff."

allan said...

You'll be happy to know that firetimbogar.com is available.

I wish Tim Bogar was available -- if another team wished to employ him.

FenFan said...

I wish Tim Bogar was available -- if another team wished to employ him.

I hear there's an opening with the Orioles...