June 11, 2010

Hermida Also Has Fractured Ribs

A day after we learned that Jacoby Ellsbury had a fracture of yet another rib, Jeremy Hermida was placed on the disabled list with five fractured ribs of his own.

Terry Francona:
Beltre is going to take out the entire outfield. ... The way it was explained to me - and I have more knowledge on this stuff than I really want ... When people hear fracture you think of a broken leg. That's really not what it is. It's painful to deal with, we all know, but it's a non-displaced, so it's like a deep bone bruise. You go as tolerated.
Also: Jonathan Papelbon is back and able to pitch and Scott Atchison has been recalled from Pawtucket. Joe Nelson has been designated for assignment.

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laura k said...

They may be non-displaced, but they hurt like hell. It hurts to breathe, hurts to move. And apparently it's contagious!