June 12, 2010

Nava Grand Slam Stuff

Terry Francona:
He said to me when he was getting ready to get in the hole, on deck there, he said, "Where do you think my folks are sitting?" I said, "I don't care, go up and get a hit."
I wanted to treat it like I normally do. I just said [to umpire Bill Hohn and catcher Brian Schneider] "How are you guys doing?" They didn't say anything.
Nava admitted that as he trotted around second base, he "started to scream".
It's pretty ridiculous. ... I think when I get back to the hotel room, and I have a chance to maybe sit down and relax and maybe let everything sink in, I think that's when it will really hit me.
P.S.: The Red Sox bought Nava's rights for $1.00!

Players Who have Hit A Grand Slam In Their 1st MLB AB
Player                       Opponent    Date
Bill Duggleby, Phillies      Giants      April 21, 1898
Jeremy Hermida, Marlins      Cardinals   August 31, 2005
Kevin Kouzmanoff, Cleveland  Rangers     September 2, 2006
Daniel Nava, Red Sox         Phillies    June 12, 2010
It doesn't happen for more than 107 years, then it happens three times in five seasons!

Players With Grand Slam In 1st PA With Red Sox
Rip Repulski    vs White Sox    May 10, 1960
Daniel Nava     vs Phillies     June 12, 2010
Repulski was a pinch-hitter.

Players With HR in 1st PA With Red Sox
Player            Date                Opponent
Bill LeFebre      June 10, 1938       White Sox*
Eddie Pellagrini  April 22, 1946      Senators
Rip Repulski      May 10, 1960        White Sox
Ken Harrelson     August 29, 1967     Yankees**
John Kennedy      July 5, 1970        Indians***
Rob Deer          August 22, 1993     Indians
Curtis Pride      September 19, 1997  White Sox****
Orlando Cabrera   August 1, 2004      Twins
Darnell McDonald  April 20, 2010      Rangers
Daniel Nava       June 12, 2010       Phillies
* It was LeFebre's first MLB at-bat and the only home run of his career. He was a pitcher, allowing eight hits and six runs in the last four innings of Boston's 15-2 loss.

** Harrelson had already played for the Washington Senators and Kansas City Athletics in 1967 before signing with the Red Sox. The Yankees won this game 4-3 in 20 innings -- the longest game ever played between the two teams. Bob Tillman (see below) was the Yankees' catcher.

*** Kennedy was also a pinch-hitter (like Repulski) and his home run was an inside-the-park dong.

**** Linescore alert!

In trying to find the first eight Sox on that list, I clicked on an Answers Yahoo page -- and the source was me!!! (From August 1, 2005.) 

The Yahoo list included someone I did not have in my post: Bob Tillman, who hit a home run for the Red Sox in his first MLB at-bat, on May 19, 1962

But Tillman made his actual debut on April 15, as a pinch-hitter. He walked, then did not see any big league action until he caught the top of the ninth inning on May 16. Three days later, he started and batted 4th. He walked in his first trip to the plate that day, then led off the fourth with a dong. So, while it was his first at-bat, it was his third plate appearance -- and it came more than a month after his debut.

Anyway, back to Nava, who may have a visitor at Fenway tomorrow:


SoSock said...

Holy Moley!
This was so exciting. I'd give anything to have been able to see it. I was watching the bottom line at the bar when I saw the graphic about the homer. Then it came around again and the gu beside me said "Did that say on the first pitch?!" I watched again and when I saw it myself confiscated the remote and tried to find a Baseball Tonight or similar highlight show. Instead I ended up waiting and getting my info from where I usually do - JoS!

9casey said...

We spoke of it the other day.....and moments like that are why we watch baseball......It was just awesome...

Question to all...If you have one son gradutating college and another making his MLB debut, Where do you go?

laura k said...

An amazing moment!

I was listening to MLB Audio with headphones at work, and burst out laughing. Had to tell my co-workers what happened, then kept updating them - his parents are there, only the second person to ever do this, etc. They don't even follow baseball and they were happy and excited. You can't help but share the joy.

That his parents were there, and the Erin Andrews story, make it even better.

laura k said...

If you have one son gradutating college and another making his MLB debut, Where do you go?

Wow, tough one. I wonder if the college kid has taken a back seat to the sports kid.

College graduation may seem less noteworthy because more people experience it than a professional sports debut, but it's a huge milestone and accomplishment, too.

One parent attends each?

SoSock said...

Which to attend? That's tough. I like the 1 parent at each. I tend to lean toward the graduation just because I always stress education over sports with my kids, and with my "kids".
But a ML debut is truly a much rarer accomplishment than a graduation. Maybe it would depend on how hard the child had to work to make the graduation happen, and whether another graduation (higher degree) was in the offing

9casey said...

Nava's parents choose the game, as brother was graduating from Santa Clara

I feel as though you guys didn't hear that during the game yesterday......

laura k said...

I heard it, but I thought you were taking a survey. I felt bad for the graduating kid, figuring the sports kid gets all the attention. (You can guess which side of that fence I fall down on!)