June 12, 2010

Tito: "We're Not Exactly Sure What's Going On"

Terry Francona:
This was all happening as [Matsuzaka] was warming up. Johnny [Farrell] had called me and said, "Hey, he's not warming up very well." I called him back and said, "Is this something to worry about?" I said, "Let [Get?] Atchison." We don't want to surprise somebody, don't want to put him behind the eight-ball more than he already is. It became apparent, Johnny called back and said, "I'm not comfortable with this." And I don't think Dice-K fought him.
Scott Atchison:
I was in here dressed, 20 or 25 minutes before the game, I guess, just kind of waiting. DeMarlo [Hale] came in and said, "Atch, get your glove. Let's go." I said, "Where we going?" He said, "We need you out in the bullpen, something might be up." I was already dressed, so it wasn't that big a deal from that point.

I got out in the dugout and Tito said, "Head out to the bullpen. We're not exactly sure what's going on." So I went out there and Dice was still throwing. I guess they called in and they were like, "Get going, you're going to start this thing." It was kind of exciting because I've never started a game in the big leagues.
Atchison started warming up shortly before the national anthem was played.

When [Matsuzaka] was warming he said his forearm was sore. He said he could pitch, but would have to change his delivery. We weren't comfortable with that.
Until I went to the bullpen, I went through my regular routine, but once I got in and started throwing, I felt some sudden tightness in my forearm. I think I could have pitched through it, but we talked about it and decided there's no sense in trying to compenstate and making a mechanical adjustment just to get through it, so that was the decision.

Nothing out of the ordinary. I went through my normal routine, got some massage work done. And went into my start today feeling pretty much the same as usual, so yes it was sudden. ... [T]he trainers took a look at me and things didn't seem that bad. It's not a joint issue. It's muscle soreness, so I don't think it's going to take that long. We'll take some time, see how I feel tomorrow, and take it from there. ...

I can't even remember when the last time [I was scratched from a start] so ... I don't think this is a really big problem at all.


tim said...

So strange.

I think I could have pitched through it

THERES THE PROBLEM!!!!! Well, problem #2. Glad problem #1 was solved (that being the team being aware of his ailments).

Damn this guy is one medical case. Jays should've signed him to take advantage of the free health care in Canada.

tim said...

On an unrelated note, if anyone needs a little extra push to root for the sox (not that I think anyone HERE would need that)...

2010 ALCS will be on TBS...no McCarver! HOORAY!!!!!

Been cruising wikipedia for awhile now reading up on Vin Scully (as I watch the dodgers game) and some other stuff.

Michael Holloway said...

This is the fella who likes to throw every day but the coaches wouldn't let him and he sucked, so they let him and he's good?

Probably didn't drink enough water through the last 24 hrs..

Patrick said...

I agree with Tim. There's obviously a huge difference in philosophies when Daisuke thinks he should still pitch, but just compensate.

Maybe that could be seen as being a gamer, but I think it's just dumb.