June 17, 2010

Pedroia: "I Drink Milk"

Since Dustin Pedroia is not a .172 hitter -- his batting average from May 18 to June 9 (15-for-87) -- it is not surprising that he is now on a little hot streak.

Over his last six games, FY is hitting .500 (12-for-24) with four doubles and eight runs scored. He hit his first dong since May 14 last night.
[The MRI on my knee] definitely helped me to know that nothing's wrong. I'm feeling better. In a couple of weeks, it healed. ... I'm strong. I drink milk.
Pedroia is also trying to assist Don Orsillo.
I hear all these other announcers, they've got all their "look at me" calls. And Don is pretty boring. We've got to try to step up his game a little bit, 'cause nobody really gets on him. So that's kind of my job, too, to wear him out a little bit.
Orsillo's call went like this:
The 1-2 is driven to deep left for Pedroia. Back, far, and that ball is gone. Up off the top and out of the yard, it's a two-run shot for Dustin Pedroia, his 9th -- and the laser show is underway. It's 2-0, Sox.
Jon Lester relied on his changeup last night.
We had to mix in something soft tonight. They're a very good fastball-hitting team. ... When you're able to slow them down just enough to get away with that [fastball] down the middle, you can pop them up. ... [My changeup is] tenfold better [than it was last year.] I have more confidence, able to throw it in different counts. Able to throw it ahead in the count, which is the biggest thing. It's becoming an out pitch ...
Lester says he has learned a lot about the pitch, and when to throw it, from Clay Buchholz.

The Globe's Stan Grossfeld travelled to Cincinnati to chat with Manny Ramirez before the Dodgers arrive in Boston on Friday. Manny gave him a hug and asked "What are you doing here?" When asked about how the crowd would reaction to his first appearance at Fenway Park since July 2008, Manny said, "No, thank you" and walked away.

Naturally, Grossfeld mentions the "which knee hurt?" story -- despite the fact that there is no evidence it ever happened.

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FenFan said...

I've heard several references to the issue with Manny's knee leading up to this weekend's series(including last Saturday's FOX telecast -- who do you think broached the subject?). I only wish I could mass-distribute your post to these boobs so they might educate themselves a little before opening their mouths again.