October 9, 2004

Angels Pick Sox To Win It All. Erstad: These boys are winning the World Series, by the way. That's the deepest team I've ever seen. They have every piece of the puzzle. I don't see anybody beating them." ... Washburn: I don't think there is anybody playing better than them right now, and if they can continue to play this good, I don't think they can be beat." ... Percival: "[O]nly one team can win, and at this point I'm going to put my money on Boston. They're pretty good."

Francona said it "was really tempting to pinch-run" for Ortiz in the 9th inning. ... After the game, "Schilling confirmed that he met with orthopedic surgeon and ankle and foot specialist Dr. George Theodore of Mass. General Hospital to get an additional opinion on the health of his troublesome ankle. ... Schilling threw in the bullpen before yesterday's game and did not seem particularly encouraged by the session." ... Scott Williamson will undergo surgery on his right elbow Monday.

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