October 12, 2004

Predictions. The New York Daily News is in Daddy-overload (see below), but check it out: 5 of their 7 writers are picking the Red Sox. ... At the New York Post, the votes are split, with 4 picking Boston (in 5 or 6 games) and 4 picking New York (in 6 or 7 games).

At the Boston Globe: Gordon Edes, Bob Hohler, Dan Shaughnessy and Jackie MacMullan all say Red Sox in 7; Bob Ryan picks Sox in 5. ... At the Herald, Tony Massarotti says Red Sox in 6; Howard Bryant has Red Sox in 5. ... Garry Brown, Springfield Republican: "Red Sox will win the series in six games, and [Bellhorn] will have a lot to do with it."

Joy of Sox readers:
Red Sox in 5:  7 votes

Red Sox in 6: 8 votes
Red Sox in 7: 1 vote (with Millar MVP)

Yankees in 6: 1 vote
Yankees in 7: 1 vote
Me? Red Sox in 6.

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