October 7, 2004

Quotes. From today's papers:

Pedro: "I was number one today. That's all that matters to me. I don't believe in what the experts from out here have to say. ... I actually shut my mouth. I ate my ego, because I wanted to let go on some of these experts around here talking trash. I swallowed it because to me, any time they give me the ball, I am special. I am number one."

Tony Massarotti: "In retiring the Angels in order in the seventh, Martinez won a 12-pitch at-bat with the feisty David Eckstein, then the 10-pitch tussle with the pesky Figgins. Martinez threw 25 pitches in the inning, including 20 fastballs in the consecutive at-bats to Anaheim's double-play combination. You want gusto? On the stadium radar gun, Martinez' final 20 fastballs of the night registered 90, 90, 90, 90, 93, 93, 94, 94, 93, 93, 93, 95, 92, 94, 92, 93, 92, 94, 94 and 93 mph."

Pedro: "You know what? It actually took a little bit of the pressure off me to actually see him [Schilling] go out there. And I appreciate that, and I respect that. ... I know I achieved a lot, and I know I have my little share of respect, but when you talk about playoffs, there is no time to be mad, there is no time to complain, there is no soreness that you can't overcome or pain, sometimes, and I hope I continue to do it. I am going to leave my heart out there for my team."

Curt Schilling would not say what he told Pedro after the 7th inning: "It's too personal. But I'm just so proud of him. A lot of people wasted a lot of paper and a lot of words this week. ... You don't question people like that."

Brendan Donnelly: "I made a bad pitch to Cabrera. I just left a split-finger [fastball] over the plate and he belted it. But I think anyone in a Red Sox uniform could have hit that pitch. It was awful. Heck, I think I might have been able to hit it, and I suck."

Schilling underwent a comprehensive examination of his right ankle yesterday (including x-rays) and everything seems fine. ... Anaheim's Game 3 starter Kelvim Escobar had tough luck all season. His 3.93 ERA was 10th-best in the AL, but he received a paltry 3.91 runs per game and the Angels were shutout five times when he was on the mound, so his record was 11-12. ... The Angels chose to fly to Boston this afternoon -- Mike Scioscia: "I think we're going to need a day to catch our breath and get ready for Game 3." -- while the Red Sox took the red-eye.

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