October 14, 2004

Lowe -- Not Schilling -- Starting Game 5. As announced by Francona. But it may rain. If Friday's game is postponed, it would be played on Monday. ... Schilling may still pitch at some point in the series.

Red Sox fans in Washington Heights: "The scene was pure New York: About 30 people gathered on a sidewalk, staring at a television someone had dragged onto a fire escape for the big game. To the right of the set, on the cement, was a freshly painted New York Yankees logo, as big as a beach towel. But to the left of the television, an unblemished Boston Red Sox logo graced the ground. 'The Yankees fans are over there,' said Al Duran, 24, painter of the logos, pointing to his boisterous neighbors a sidewalk crack away. 'This side is for Red Sox fans.'"

Were these guys sitting next to each other in the press box?
Bob Ryan, Boston Globe: "So much for the best-laid plans of mice, men, and Theo Epstein."
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal: "So much for the best-laid plans of mice, men and the Red Sox."

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