October 12, 2004

Revised Schedule. Fox has changed the starting time of Sunday's Game 5. All of the games now begin at the same time. Pre-game crap at 8:00 and first pitch around 8:20. The expected match-ups:

Game 1: Tuesday, October 12: Red Sox (Schilling) at Yankees (Mussina)
Game 2: Wednesday, October 13: Red Sox (Pedro) at Yankees (Lieber)

Game 3: Friday, October 15: Yankees (Brown) at Red Sox (Arroyo)
Game 4: Saturday, October 16: Yankees (Vazquez) at Red Sox (Wakefield)
Game 5: Sunday, October 17: Yankees (Mussina) at Red Sox (Schilling)

Game 6: Tuesday, October 19: Red Sox (Pedro) at Yankees (Lieber)
Game 7: Wednesday, October 20: Red Sox (Arroyo) at Yankees (Brown)

And how insufferable are McCarver and Buck going to be? I wish I had an option here in New York (WEEI has apparently synched their broadcast to avoid the radio delay), but I don't think I do.

What I find fascinating is that many Yankee fans also hate McCarver and believe he is wildly anti-Yankee. That blows my mind because I agree with Rob Neyer, who once said that McCarver would have Jeter's babies if such a thing was possible.

I'd love to know exactly what comments tick Yankee fans off. Do they think McCarver is pro-Red Sox, or maybe pro-Cardinals (and thus anti-Yankee)? Do they think that if you are more critical of the Bombers than Suzyn Waldman, you're anti-Yankee? Is the Kool-Aid that strong?

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