October 20, 2004

"The Most Anticipated Game In Baseball History". That's what Peter Gammons is calling tonight's game. 8:00 pm can't get here fast enough.

Ed Cossette writes: "Talk about Red Sox! When I saw Schilling take the mound without the high top cleat but instead the low cleat and that blood soaked sock I teared up. I'm tearing up now again as I write about it."

Reading the Sox blogs this morning is doing the same thing to me. The awe, wonder, happiness, disbelief, anxiousness and whatever all else is wonderful to read. Some snips:

Sully: "Curt Schilling summed it up best for me when he said, "I am just so proud to be a part of this team." Well I am damn proud to have the privilege to root for this team. Can we, once and for all, place a moratorium on any commentary that makes it seem anything but fantastic to be a Boston Red Sox fan? No more curse references, no more self-pity. Enough."

Red: "On the flipside, we had A-Rod resorting to schoolboy tactics, blatantly knocking the ball from Arroyo's glove on a close play at first, then whining incessantly when he was called out for it." ... Video.

Sarah: "I couldn't stay in bed this morning. Even though our apartment is freezing cold, even though we didn't get to sleep finally until way past four in the morning, I just can't stay in bed. Life is simply too cool right now."

The Soxaholix: "When the miraculously and obviously on Curt Schilling played the chin music to A-Rod in the 1st, I got pregnant, immaculately." ... "If I had a kitten I'd name him, Ortizzle. If I had a puppy, I'd name him Papi. If I had a baby, I'd name him Walk-Off."

Ed again: "So here we are: Game 7. Can you believe it? We waited an entire year for this and now here it is. Derek Lowe, are you ready? We are."

John Powers, Globe: "Seventy-eight years, it has been, since the last time the Yankees lost the final two games of a best-of-seven series at home. ... [U]nless the beleaguered Bombers can win tonight's American League Championship Series finale at the Stadium, they'll become the first ball club ever to blow a 3-0 lead and go down as the biggest chokers in the history of organized baseball."

Gordon Edes, Globe: "Can 86 years of tainted history be swept clean by one sweet, absurdly improbable act of redemption, the likes of which has never been seen in hardball history? ... After what we have witnessed the last three days, is there anyone of the non-pinstriped segment of society who believes the Sox are not capable of finishing what will eclipse all the bitter disappointments of the past century as the defining moment of this franchise?"

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