October 22, 2004

The End Of An Era. I thought about doing something like this, but Bruce Allen beat me to it. A sample of media reaction from October 17:

They are down, 3-0, after last night's 19-8 rout, and, in this sport, that is an official death sentence. ... The idea that the Red Sox accomplished anything good at all this season seems inconceivable.
Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

It is not, as [Johnny Damon] said, the Red Sox who are a bunch of idiots. What they are is a bunch of chokes. The idiots are all those fools who truly believed this would be the year the perennially disappointing Sox -- who haven't won a World Series since 1918, nor even a pennant since 1986 -- would finally beat the 26-time, world-champion Yankees, who now are on the brink of playing for a 27th title.
Jim Donaldson, Providence Journal

All season, the Yankees let their play speak for themselves. The Red Sox talk turned out to be so much bigger than their walk.
Kevin Kernan, New York Post

The victory gives the Yankees a 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven series going into tonight's Game 4. No team in baseball has flushed such a bulge. That means the Yankees are a lock for their 40th flag, and their second straight World Series appearance.
George King, New York Post

I found another one, from October 19, as the teams headed back to New York for Game 6:

Forget the cushion, it's time for the Yankees to play with desperation. If not, this Curse will be reversed and this Yankee team will be remembered as the Greatest Choke of all time. Don't expect that to happen.
Kevin Kernan, New York Post

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