October 8, 2004

What's The Frequency Dubya? Something to think about when watching the 2nd debate tonight: Is Bush getting extra help in answering questions via an earpiece? This has been talked about in various places for nearly 4 years, but it has been gaining force in the last week. A Reuters editor in DC: "Sure, Bush uses an earpiece sometimes. State of the Union -- he had an earpiece for that. Everybody knows it." ... Um, I didn't. More at Salon and Cannonfire (links to 1st debate audio and pix).

Does Bush have "presenile dementia"? Some quotes from The Atlantic at the Cannonfire link suggest he does. But who knows? Bush has so far refused to take his required annual physical, saying he will do so after the election. ... Two points: I would think that trying to speak while another voice is talking into your ear would be both difficult and distracting. And if Bush performs like he did in the first debate with someone slipping him answers, how the hell would he do without any assistance?

P.S. From Bush's remarks in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on September 22, 2004: "The rich hire lawyers and accountants for a reason, so you get stuck with the bill. We're not going to let John Kerry tax you, because we're going to carry Pennsylvania and win in November. (Applause.) Say something else about the tax code -- something else about the tax code. That tax code needs to be changed. (Applause.) It's a complicated mess. ..." [Love that first sentence by the way.]

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