October 15, 2004

The Time Is Now. Bronson Arroyo -- with his "nuts the size of Saturn" -- is ready. ... The Red Sox were 7-3 against the Yankees at Fenway this year, taking 3-of-4 in April, 2-of-3 in July and 2-of-3 in September. They batted .322/.394/.553, scoring an average of 7.3 runs per game. ... Season totals:

Home: .306/.378/.504, 6.4 runs per game
Road: .260/.342/.441, 5.3 runs per game

Alan Embree thought back to the 2003 ALDS: "All (the A's) had to do was win one game at our place. If we win (tonight), there's not going to be that total sense of urgency that there is now. One win and everything changes." ... Heavy rain is expected tonight in Boston, beginning shortly before game time (8:19) and continuing through midnight. If tonight's game is postponed -- MLB has the final call -- it will be played on Monday.

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