October 30, 2004

Withholding Evidence. A supplemental chapter to the 9/11 Commission's report will not be made public by the Justice Department until after next week's election. A New York Times story says the Commission "quietly asked the inspectors general at the Departments of Defense and Transportation to review what it had determined were broadly inaccurate accounts provided by several civil and military officials about efforts to track and chase the hijacked aircraft on Sept. 11."

"Broadly inaccurate accounts" = lies. ... So the "official" report was published and touted as the definitive account -- but many questions about what actually happened on the morning of the attack remained unanswered. And any review of official lies, distortions and incompetence has been buried in a suppressed supplement. ... This Commission and its "work" has been a worldwide embarrassment and a grossly partisan sham from Day One.

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