October 6, 2004

Idiots. Damon: "We are not the cowboys anymore. We are just the idiots this year. ... We want to be known as the team that rewrites the history books. ... We've got the long hair, we've got the corn rows, we've got guys acting like idiots, and I think the fans out there like it."

The seven runs scored by the Red Sox in the 4th inning yesterday set a team postseason record. They've scored six runs three times (1999 ALDS Game 3, 7th inning against Cleveland; 1975 World Series Game 1, 7th inning against Cincinnati ; 1903 World Series Game 5, 6th inning against Pittsburgh).

Doug Mientkiewicz on his wonderful 8th inning bunt: "You try to score runs, as many as possible. If I catch flak for that, so be it. I've seen that team go first to third and try to steal home up five. ... [W]henever you have an opportunity to score, you score. ... I'm trying to win games."

The You're Damn Right I'm Gloating Dept.: New York Post Headlines: "Must-Win Games Start Right Now" and "Yanks Choke in Clutch" ... From the New York Times: "The Yankees kept reiterating [after the game] how they hit the ball hard, as if the mere recounting of the grounders that turned into double plays and the shots to the warning track that became outs would suddenly change them into hits."

In a chat, Gordon Edes thinks Wakefield will pitch Game 3 on Friday. And he wrote this in today's Globe:
"[W]hen Pedro Martinez takes the ball tonight against the Anaheim Angels, taking with him to the mound an amalgam of smoldering anger, barely concealed hurt, and wounded pride, it is eminently possible -- no, make that a strong likelihood -- that he will deliver one of the signature games of his career. ... It should surprise no one that Martinez, famous for being able to single out one voice of contempt in a chorus of supporters, would be distressed by what he perceives as a pack of critics smelling blood, his blood. ... These are the times when he is most dangerous. ... Prepare yourself, Sox fans, to bear witness to the best of what Pedro Martinez has left to offer."
Pedro/Colon at 10:00 pm. Gird your loins accordingly.

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