October 29, 2004

Three Stories About the 1918 Red Sox (And Me). As the Red Sox closed in on their sixth World Series title, a few writers spoke with me about the 1918 team. Articles have appeared in the Miami Herald, Portland Press Herald and Ft. Myers News-Press.

One point I addressed in the Herald article (which you have to register to read, I'm afraid) is that Red Sox like to lose (or rather, we liked to lose). This silliness is also mentioned in a front page story in today's New York Times, headlined: "With Nothing Left to Win, Fans of Red Sox Suddenly Feel a Loss."

I despise that angle -- and I fear this is what we'll be subjected to now that sportswriters can't bring up the curse (though the back page of the New York Daily News yesterday said the curse was merely taking a year off). There's no question that rooting for the Red Sox will be different now. It has to be different. But I don't think it will be any less passionate. I still want them to win every single game.

I love that even Theo is talking about Sox fans chanting "Two Thousand" when the Yankees come to Fenway -- which, according to the preliminary schedule, will be the 2005 home opener. They get to watch as the World Series Champions flag is raised. Sweet!

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