October 3, 2005

2005 Contest Winner

Franco Baseggio has won the Second Annual Joy Of Sox Final Record Prediction contest. He also won it in 2004.

Here were the entries, as posted back on April 3:
                     Red Sox     ERA: Curt v Unit

Brian Young          104-58      Johnson   - 32
Marc Witkes          102-60      Schilling - 15
L-girl               102-60
Jere                 101-61      Schilling - 11
Slater Mondale       101-61      Johnson   -  ? 
Mike Battista         99-63      Schilling - 22
Amy McMahan           98-64      Johnson   - 15 
Dave Weinstein        98-64      Johnson   - 67
Brian M               97-65      Johnson   - 40
Darren Madigan        97-65      Johnson   - 61
William Duval         97-65      Schilling - 18
Josh Friedman         97-65      Johnson   - 30
Leonet_5              96-66      Schilling - 38
Franco Baseggio*      95-67      Johnson   -101
Mike Torsiello        92-70      Schilling - 24
Pat Flannery          92-70      Schilling - 37

Me                   100-62      Johnson   - 25
*: last year's winner.

The tiebreaker -- who would end up with the lower ERA, Schilling or Johnson? -- was not needed. For the record, Johnson's ERA was 190 points lower than Schilling's (3.79 to 5.69). I see that Franco was also the closest to that actual outcome. ... The guy is good!

Now, as for the main prize: (cough, cough) I procrastinated all summer (my true talent) and now, at the point of submitting the 2004 Joy of Sox book to Cafe Press, I'm stuck. The Word file must be converted to a PDF with embedded fonts and resized to 5x8 (rather than the usual 8.5x11). A SoSHer embedded the fonts for me, but couldn't get the template to stay resized at 5x8.

Can anyone out there help out? Email if you can (the book file is between 8-9 MB). I'll send you a copy of the finished book or burn you a Stones bootleg CD or something else.

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Can you please either:
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Thank you.