October 5, 2005

ALDS 2: White Sox 5, Red Sox 4

Backs to the wall ... again.

It's not supposed to end like this.

It will not end like this.


Anonymous said...

This one hurt. Graffanino's error proved to be the whole team's undoing (though the meatball Wells served to Iguchi didn't help). If yesterday's debacle was a punch in the gut, today's loss was a complete KO. Ow.

But there's no giving up yet. Chicago still has to win one more game. Hopefully it won't happen at Fenway at least.

laura k said...

Graffanino's error was costly, but it didn't force Wells to give up that home run. The way Chris Berman was harping on "the extra out," you'd think that no pitcher had ever pitched through a fielding error before.

Several teams have come back from 0-2 to win a five-game series. We'll be the next one.

Keep the faith.

Edward Lee said...

It's nice to know that even though the Red Sox won last year, announcers and writers have no plans to let Bill Buckner off the hook.

grunherz said...

Several teams have come back from 0-2 to win a five-game series.

ALDS 1999- Boston Goes home to Fenway down 0-2 to Cleveland.

Three days later they're celebrating on the field in Cleveland.

ALDS 2003 - Boston goes home to Fenway down 0-2 to Oakland.

Three days later they're celebrating on the field in Oakland. (except Johnny who was lugged off in an ambulance ...)

ALCS 2004 - Boston goes home to Fenway down 0-2 to New York.

Four days later they're celebrating on the field in New York.

Fenway Park is where cocky visiting playoff teams go to die.

Anonymous said...


Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

I guess my whole 'Sox in 4' prediction is pretty much dead in the water though, huh.

DanM said...

Ugh ...........

I nearly stayed in bed for the day (or perhaps until Spring Training). Not so fast - lots of experience winning three in a row this is just one more opportunity to excel.

either that or

Wait until ne ..... (never mind!)

Earl said...

Andrew: why? It could still happen.

Oh wait, you meant the Red Sox. You really gotta work on that.

Anonymous said...

Chisox fan here - thanks for having me - great site. Folks, I'm a history buff too, but when you cling to the hope of those past BoSox teams that overcame deficits (and it is impressive) you have to factor in their opponents: Cleveland, Oakland, and New York - a veritable shortlist of all-time cocky teams (and fans). The personality of this great White Sox team is so much different - because they don't see themselves as great.

They will assume nothing, they will be humble, and even up 2 - 0 they see themselves as the underdogs, and . . . they love to be on the road. I think being surrounded by hostility somehow helps this team focus (so bring it on Red Sox nation!).

Johnny Damen: "They remind me of us last year".

Prior to 2005, BoSox fans ranked second only to Cub fans in belly-aching over long championship droughts, but your history is trophy-lined compared to ours. Hell, our team has thrown a World Series since winning one. Worse yet: the Red Sox and Cubs have actually done quite well with long-time losing as being 'cute' and somewhat marketable. The silly notion of a 'curse' has added to the marketability of the Cubs & Red Sox. Us? We won't have it.

We know - unlike the Cubs & Red Sox - that when we do eventually get to a World Series we're not going to be the 'cute favorites', but who give's a rat's ass? Chisox fans have never cared about image or what anyone else thinks.

You're great fans of a great team and I'm happy you've had yours, but . . . I'm sorry. It's our turn.

By Sunday the Chicago White Sox will have bigger fish to fry.

From the Vined Smithy said...

Thanks for being nice about it, shoeless jeff. But also thanks for being cocky. You've revived some of my lost hope.

I don't cling to the idea that the Red Sox of the past can win this series. I cling to the idea that the Sox of today can win tomorrow's game.

Why don't you save your long-winded rants for after you've clinched the series, whydon'tcha?

Anonymous said...

Also, relying on Johnny Damon for your simile is a bad call. The '05 White Sox and '04 Red Sox are absolutely nothing alike, and Damon might be aware of that if he had more than 4 or 5 functional brain cells.

Still, if you win this series, it will have nothing to do with your team's cockiness level. It'll have to do with its baseball ability, which is high.

allan said...

shoeless jeff:

thanks for stopping by.

i thought people said the chisox had a moronic curse because of 1919.


Anonymous said...

moronic . . . stupid . . . idiots, oh, I get it, must be a boston thing.

From the Vined Smithy said...

Yo shoeless, now's your chance.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, chisox fan back. Holy sh**, what a finish - and it couldn't happen soon enough. I don't watch a White Sox game as much as I FEEL it - and every swing of Manny's bat didn't feel so good.

Devine: Long winded? Maybe. Cocky? Hell no. IF the Sox go on to win their next 8 in a row and I'm attending the parade on Michigan Avenue I'll still be nervous that SOMETHING BAD is going to happen.

redsock: Yes, and no . . . I mentioned that White Sox fans do not buy into, or in any way hide behind a 'curse'. This of course makes the White Sox less lovable (and therefore marketable) than the Red Sox or Cubs. I would define a curse as something 'supernatural' or mystical that that works against the one cursed. The 1919 Black Sox were not cursed - they were just a group of ballplayers that made bad decisions that hurt themselves and their team. Let's say you decided to go to work on Monday and steal from your employer and got fired for it. Even if this caused a period of a rough time in your life you still couldn't say you were cursed, could you? So, White Sox fans generally don't refer to that part of our history as much of a curse as it was an embarassment, or tragedy for some of the players involved (shoeless joe, buck weaver).

Now, the question I have for Red Sox fans is . . . how does it feel to finally win the big one?? This is something I have thought about since last October. It has to be a "now what?" feeling - great, but perhaps a little empty.

I met two BoSox fans at Comiskular a few weeks ago and asked them. They both just said "We still don't beleive it". I don't buy it. There has to be more to it than that.

Well, goodbye. I'll save the gratuitous "don't worry - keep your chin up" bullsh** because it sucks watching your team lose. I know.

Now where the hell am I going to find any Yankee or Angel fans to have an intelligent baseball conversation with?