October 27, 2005

Theo Decision Expected Today

Earlier this week, Theo Epstein rejected the Red Sox's contract offer of at least three years at $1.2 million per. Globe:
While money is a major factor in the negotiations, it is growing increasingly apparent that there are other issues, namely a personality clash in management styles between [Larry] Lucchino and Epstein that transcends chain-of-command questions.
Until a decision is announced (today?), Bob Ryan offers his thoughts, as does Tony Massarotti (here).

Greg Genske, Manny Ramirez's agent, says Manny does not want to play for the Mets. "As long as he's under contract, his loyalty is to the Red Sox. But if the Red Sox do want to trade him, the Angels are the most attractive option. Manny has a lot of respect for Orlando Cabrera and Vladimir Guerrero and for that organization." ... Genske also mentioned Cleveland.

Richard Chacón, the Globe's Ombudsman, examines the paper's relationship with the Red Sox. The first of two articles looks at "the Globe's corporate ties to the Red Sox. The second column will address readers' questions on the newspaper's coverage."

The Sox also dismissed assistant trainer and rehabilitation coordinator Chris Correnti.

It was one year ago today.

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DanM said...

See, the new year is upon us! Theo stays was in my earlier prediction. Yesterday was the first day we were no longer the world champs - I survived - now lets get busy with 2006!