October 31, 2005

The Joy Of Sox - 2004

"The Joy of Sox 2004" book -- consisting of my blog posts from October 16, 2003 to October 27, 2004 and a few extras -- is now available. Finally. ... One obvious fact: If I don't have a deadline, I can't (won't) get a damn thing done.

The book is being published through Cafe Press. The cover was done with the help of Leigh Hyland (aka Sibko), who runs the excellent REM Cover Studio.

A word about the price: It's $21.10 -- which honestly is way too much to pay. I'd love to make it $10 or so, but at 469 pages, it costs Cafe Press $21.07 to print the damn thing, so my "profit" will be three cents per sale.

I put this book together for myself, because I wanted something tangible from the 2004 season. ... However, if anyone out there wants a copy, you can order it here.

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DanM said...

Redsock perhaps an addendum capturing the 'tween season Theo Epstein Resignation debacle is in the offing?