October 24, 2005

WS2: White Sox 7, Astros 6

A great game, some amazing swings of momentum, but all the way through, right up to Podsednik's game-ending home run, I felt nothing. No tension, no release. I know there were fans of both sides in agony and ecstasy, like we were last year, yet there I am, dutifully keeping score and feeling as though I'm watching through several layers of gauze (or something).

Update to Rooting Interest: I cast my lot with Chicago in the last post, but I do not like the White Sox. Simple as that. Most of it stems from the media's infatuation with their (often counterproductive, imo) style of play -- which isn't actually one thing or the other, despite the talk -- their manager, and several of their players. And with no Clemens in the picture for Game 2, I found myself sort of rooting for Houston.

Sign of the Night: "Rut-Roh Rastros"

Obligatory Idiotic Sutcliffe Quote: "I didn't think anyone would make as much money as Alex Rodriguez, but Konerko, if he keeps this up, might top it."

The grand slam was huge, no doubt about it (taking full advantage of the non-HBP to Dye), but does Sutcliffe really think some team will offer Konerko $30 million a year or a $300,000,000 contract?

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