October 31, 2005

In Theo We (will continue to) Trust

Theo Epstein and the Red Sox have agreed on a three-year contract extension (through the 2008 season).

Item #1 on the Red Sox Winter To-Do List can be checked off.


Anonymous said...

We're gonna have to uncheck that...


This is very, very not good. I knew that helmet-haired rat bastard Lucchino was bad news.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I want to cry. Is anyone else freaking out over this news? Because I am...this is beyond awful.

It's going to be a long, cold winter in RSN.

From the Vined Smithy said...

Yup, I'm freaking out a little.

I feel worse today than I did the day they lost to the White Sox this season.

In what backward universe do I live where the Yankees get the heart of their staff back and we lose a HUGE piece of ours.

Anonymous said...

Please. How you can blame Lucchino when Theo rejects a million plus salary? Theo's statement says it all: he can't take the heat, and its best for him and the team to move on.
Nobody is irreplaceable. The Sox owners know the business, and the Sox job is dream job; there will be a lot of great candidates. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at Epstein: you don't negotiate for what you want, get it, and then walk away. That's a sandbag.

Gee, you think Manny's continuing crap had anything to do with this? 1) Leak to the world that you demand a trade. 2) Say you won't report in the spring if you're not traded, but 3) Note that as a 5/10 man you can reject any trade and finally 4) have your agent note that you may change your mind mid-process. What a fun winter Theo had coming!

Will any of you invterate Manny defenders defend this latest nonsense, which will hamstring the Sox efforts to improve the roster far more than a change of GM's? Then again, maybe Theo and Manny will run off together for a nice, quiet, pressure free franchise like Tampa Bay.

This is going to be one damn interesting off-season...

Heavy Critters said...

I don't blame Theo in the least. He is leaving on his terms. His is an extremely pressure-filled job, and although the money would have been nice, Epstein realizes that money isn't everything.

Mad at Theo? Hell, I applaud him for doing something other than the easy or obvious thing.

Anonymous said...

So much for next year. How about the year after that?

If I were an owner of the Red Sox, I would ask for Luccino's immediate removal. Theo Epstein is (was) as important to the Boston Red Sox as Manny Ramirez could even hope to be. He was the key to assembling the 2006 team, and now not only are the Red Sox not focusing on dealing with all the free agency on the team, but also they have to worry about filling the GM job as well.

Tony Mazz wrote a story last Thursday that summed things up pretty well: the Smear Campaign Stinks. Well Tony, you predicted it pretty well. I AM sick to my stomach.

GOD SAVE THE RED SOX from yet another idiot owner regime....