October 31, 2005

Theo Stuns Sox -- Declines Offer, Leaves Club

Oh, fuck.
In a stunning development, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has declined the club's offer of a three-year extension of his contract, and will leave the organization.
Theo speaks:
My decision not to return as general manager of the Red Sox is an extremely difficult one. ... In my time as general manager, I gave my entire heart and soul to the organization. During the process leading up to today's decision, I came to the conclusion that I can no longer do so. In the end, my choice is the right one not only for me but for the Red Sox.

My affection for the Red Sox did not begin four years ago when I started working here, and it does not end today. I will remain on the job for several days as we finalize preparation for next week’s general managers meetings. Thereafter, I will make myself available to the organization to ensure a smooth and stable transition.
MLB, Herald.

The Herald story makes it clear that this had nothing whatsoever to do with money. ... Epstein was apparently pissed off at CHB's piece of shit Sunday column, with Larry Lucchino as the likely source of info.

FUCK YOU, Lucky!


Jeff said...

I personally choose to blame Dan Shaughnessy. Why? Because I hate him anyway and his article, so sure of itself while being a bit slanderous, just adds fuel to the fire. I especially love this snippet, "It was charged last week that Sox management conducted a ''smear campaign" against Epstein. How? Where's the campaign? It was correctly reported that Theo turned down a three-year deal at $1.2 million per year. That's a smear campaign?"

How 'bout this very article, Dan? Why were we hearing about on going contract negotiations? Nevermind. I'm not making any sense because I'm pissed. I should conpose my thoughts before I post on my own blog...

Anonymous said...

I think it's a sad day in Red Sox Nation. Because of one Dan Shaughnessy and the way the Red Sox brass present themselves, we no longer have one of the up and coming GM's in baseball. Not only that, but our back up plan has left for greener pastures in Arizona. You would think that since ticket prices are so high and the Red Sox have such a following that we wouldn't have to low ball Theo from the beginning. Rather the Red Sox thought they had their young superstar signed for the next 3 year.

It should be interesting to see how Larry and John Henry handle this from a PR perspective. On a final note, Shaughnessy your act has run thin in this town maybe you should look into writing for someone like the Milwaukee Brewers.

allan said...

it doesn't sound they lowballed him exactly, al east not at the end, but it sure looks like lucky's smear campaign in the (very willing) media took its toll.

the cracks in CHB's column about Theo not playing ball after high school and attending to elite colleges is such bullshit.

listen to this:

"In Theo's case, he's doing what Larry trained him to do. ...

"What is alarming -- for the future of the Sox franchise -- is Theo's sudden need to distance himself from those who helped him rise to his position of power. Lucchino and Dr. Charles Steinberg are a pair of Red Sox executives who "discovered" Theo when he was a student at Yale. They picked him out of thousands of wannabe interns. They hired him in Baltimore and then took him to San Diego with them. They held his hand and drove him places during his Wonder Years. They urged him to get his law degree. And when they set up stakes at Fenway Park, they fought vigorously to bring him home. ...

"Epstein is a student of the game, but it's a mistake to say he knows more about baseball than Lucchino or anyone else in the Red Sox baseball operation. Theo is 31 years old and did not play baseball past high school. He spent four years at Yale and three years at law school. That hardly leaves time for much more than rotisserie league scouting. ..."

Anonymous said...

WHAT? A Boston sports figure suddenly discovers the Boston media is vicious and unfair and wigs out, and you guys blame a columnist? Brother...using Theo's delicate standards, Ted Williams, Jackie Jensen, Jimmy Peirsall, Dick Stuart, Yaz, Bob Stanley, Bill Lee and endless others would have jumped the team mid-season in tears. Boo-Hoo..the Boston media is so mean. Sure they are. Theo was a Sox fan all his life and was surprised???

And does anyone on this list actually have a boss? Theo didn't like his boss taking credit for his work...well, welcome to reality. This happens to every other executive in the business world, and most aren't paid 1.5 million dollars for the privilege. Blaming Luccino because his protege wanted to go it alone is just plain nuts. Almost as nuts as presuming that the club is doomed because it has to find a new GM. Right, there's only one smart general manager in baseball. Hell, a lot of the core of "Theo's" championship team was the work of Dan Duquette: Lowe, Tek, Pedro, Manny, Wakefield.

Sure, I wish Theo had stayed, but he didn't. I guarantee the Sox will miss him less than he misses the Sox.

Jack said...

The Shank lived up to his moniker. The thing is that there's just no way he did this on his own. Lucky Lucchino ordered this hit - no two ways about it.

The question is why? If LL wanted Theo back, why shank him over the weekend? Did he think that Theo would grin and bear it? Or did Henry step into the negotiations at some point, thus almost assuring that LL would take to the back alleys?

I don't know, but the fact that it appears (at least so far) that Henry is standing by LL is telling. And likely damning.

laura k said...

But more importantly, what now? What next, for Theo and for the Sox?

Isn't anyone afraid Theo will replace Cashman?

allan said...

Cashman already resigned for 3 years.

DanM said...


Two days into next year and here we are already chanting "Wait until next year!".