October 6, 2005

Don't Let Us Win Tomorrow ...

That's all I'm sayin'. Don't let the Red Sox win tomorrow. ...

No doubt about it. That one hurt. Up 4-0 early, Wells looked good. The Graffanino error was bad -- really bad -- but Wells could have gotten out of trouble. He didn't, and here we are.

Right where these idiots like to be, apparently, staring a cold winter right in the face. Is that the way it has to be? Fine. ... If I believed after 7-10, 1-3, and 8-19, I'll sure as shit believe now.

Last year's ALCS did an amazing thing. It now seems entirely possible for the Red Sox to come from behind. In fact, I just about expect it. Don't you? They did it to the Yankees last year -- and they were as far behind as you can get -- they can certainly do it here.

Steve Buckley, in today's Herald:
Some people – the droolers, the idiots – are going to want to turn Graffanino into the second coming of Billy Buckner. ... A reporter in the [post-game] crowd said that, after Graffanino made the error, "everyone" in the pressbox was talking about Bill Buckner.

This is why some players hate the media.

Earth to idiot: Everyone in the pressbox was not talking about Bill Buckner. I'm told that the ESPN team brought it up, which would make those guys idiots.

Let's try to remember that Buckner's error ended a World Series game. Graffanino's error was huge, costly. It was also in Game 2 of the Division Series, and it was in the fifth inning. Graffanino's error did not end the game. And even after Iguchi's home run, the Red Sox still had four more innings to tie it up.
Naturally, the New York and some Chicago writers couldn't type "Buckner" fast enough. The biggest dope was Kevin Kernan of the Post, who wrote that although Graffanino's error "was not nearly as tortuous as Buckner's ... [and] did not directly lose a game or a World Series," it "belongs to the ages" and Graff will "live in infamy" with Buckner.

Steven Krasner (ProJo) not only mentioned Buckner, he brought up Mike Torrez.

Graffanino blamed himself for the loss:
I didn't get a good read on it off the bat. I came in hard [and you could see the runner coming by and I took my eye off it] and I rushed it ... it cost us the ballgame. When we got the second out I thought we were going to get out of that inning. Then he hits the home run and I'm feeling like the game swung in their direction, and it's completely my fault.
You hang a curveball and before you know it, you're down one run. It's just a tough situation. You don't go out there and try to make errors, you just go out and try to make plays. I had my opportunity. I blame myself more so because I hung the curveball. ... I'm sure he feels bad. I feel bad because I didn't pick him up, you don't point the finger at anybody. If you point anything, point it at me because I'm the one who gave up the home run.
After Iguchi's home run, ESPN's Rick Sutcliffe said that because of the error, Wells had had to throw "at least 15 more pitches"; at that point, Wells had thrown seven pitches since the error (and ended up throwing only an extra 10 to get out of the inning).

Anyone else notice that when Chris Berman starts a sentence and throws in a few digressions, by the time he reaches the end of his comment, he's out of breath and gasping for air and his voice sounds raspy and near-choking? Man, that guy is annoying.

In the top of the eighth, ESPN showed this graphic:
Red Sox Home Runs
2004 post season -- 18
2005 post-season -- 0
14 games (133 innings) versus 16 innings -- yeah, that's comparable. Idiots.

Barry Rozner of the Arlington Heights Daily Herald, thinks the ALDS was a best-of-three series: "One pitch. That's all it takes to dethrone a champion. ... that one pitch [grounder to Graffanino] was the end of the World Champion Red Sox. ... And with the current state of the Red Sox' pitching, you just can't believe for a second that Boston can do it again."

Carlton Fisk:
It's hard for me to pick one over the other, because I have allegiances to both sides. I support the Red Sox because they have a chance to defend their championship. At the same time, it's easy for me to root for the White Sox, because they haven't been in a World Series in such a long time.
Francona refused to commit to a Game 5 starter, but he did say that Matt Clement would available out of the bullpen for Game 3. "We've talked with him about possibly being available ... We're trying to give our ballclub every possibility to be successful."

It's hard to say if this is because Clement is out of the rotation or that for Francona, facing elimination, all options are open. ... Clement has made only two relief appearances in his career, both as a rookie with San Diego in 1998. If he pitches on Friday, it would presumably mean that Clement would not start a potential Game 5. That would go to Bronson Arroyo or Wells on three days rest.

How About That! Francona said a report early this week that Wells rubs shaving cream on his right arm to get a better grip on the baseball was true. Tito said Wells has done it for years and has never tried to hide it (though, despite Tito's claim, it is against the rules). ... When asked about it a few days ago, however, Wells said: "---- it. ---- it. They cheat. They give signs. They give locations. They use pine tar on their bats. We get balls that are slick."

In the final six innings last night, the hacking Red Sox hitters saw only 70 pitches. ... Of the 22 teams that have taken a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five Division Series, 18 have gone on to win, including 14 in sweeps. A Boston team has come back in two of those four times.

Chris Snow (Globe):
This is not ideal, not easy, and most definitely not healthy -- for them or you -- but this is what the Red Sox know, and that, it seems, is where their hope and faith lie. Down two games to none to Cleveland in the 1999 Division Series. Down two games to none to Oakland in the 2003 Division Series. Down three games to none to the Yankees in the 2004 Championship Series. Revived, and resplendent, in all three.
David Heuschkel (Courant):
Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was walking through the bowels of U.S. Cellular Field with his wife when he passed a stadium worker. "See you Sunday," Schilling said.
We've got to win three in a row. It's not like we're saying we've got to make pigs fly. We've done this before.
The mindset going home is just to win a ballgame. We know that we're a dangerous club, [and] they know we're a dangerous club. ... [A]fter that first 'W,' a lot of things can happen. You've seen it happen in the past that way. ...

We need the Nation behind us 100 percent. We need everybody to be on their feet. We need them to be on them in the bullpen. ... Even if we get down early, they need to stay into it and realize how much energy they bring to us as a club. ...

Down, 0-2, you've got to believe that. You've got to believe that nobody should be on the same field as you. You've got to have that swagger and that confidence, especially in our house.


Anonymous said...

Extra outs you can’t give’em leading to a 30 pitch 5th for Wells. Fundamentals! Keep your eyes on the ball and don’t try to make the play till the ball’s in hand. Graffanino!

Too bad Johnny O can’t play 1st ,2nd, and short. I love to see a defensive gem like the one Oleurd and Wells combined on with a diving backhand stop and a perfect underhand flip to a thundering David Wells. Who said he’s no athlete.

A cryin shame a good performance by Wells was wasted. He should have never had to throw that pitch to Iguchi after being rattled by that bush league error. They teach that stuff in little league. Still, it’s just a mistake. And it was the pressure of the playoffs that caused it. That doesn’t make Graffanino stupid, or a fool, or eve a bad guy. Just a costly mistake that cost us the game and possibly the series.

We had plenty of at bats after the error too.

We’re not in no man’s land, team’s have come back, but what do they say about pitching and defense, that that’s what wins games in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed! You didn't pin this one on Francona!

Anonymous said...

Graffanino said to Wells, "My Bad.", and he said after the game, "My error cost us the game".

But who was the damn fool who penciled him into the lineup? Of course this loss was Francona's fault, Max: what, are you dreaming? ;>)

Any other manager, even any of our amateur's, our Tito bashers, would have steered the Red Sox to a victory in that game.

Anonymous said...

1) Don't Panic!
2) Dumb errors happen, and they don't have to be caused by "pressure." TG's been solid in the field, and anyone who bashes him (or Buckner, for that matter)is no baseball fan.
3) Wells must share in the blame...he threw the pitch. It points up another unjust aspect of baseball scoring rules: a pitcher who bales out his fielder after an error by getting out of the inning unscathed gets the same earned runs charged as the pitcher who falls apart and turns a potentially meaningless gaffe into a game-loser. If Wells had avoided the homer, nobody would be knocking Graffanino.

4) Wake, Schilling and then it's anybody's game 5. I live for this!

Anonymous said...

Panic, what’s that? Where’s the button? Ok, ok, settle down, now.

1) Let’s not play the blame game.
2) There’s plenty of blame to go around.
3) Epsteino and Graffaninni in that order.
4) Where’s Mark Bellhorn when we really need him.
5) Remember Pokey Reese?
6) I’m flippin’ out man!!!!!


sarah said...

blaming tony graffanino is totally wrong and illogical, but i am feeling utterly exasperated with this ball club right now, and he is simply the easiest to take it out on. i just want it to be over. last year when the sox were down 0-3 to the MFYs, i was completely depressed. this year i'm just like **shrug.** they're just looking too goddamn mediocre.

DanM said...

Ok OK OK - I am ready - bring it on!
Let's Go Red Sox
Let's Go Red Sox
Let's Go Red Sox

Graff is ok (the Buckner thing - forget about it! - no comparison - Billy B is still a goat and besides, it was Schiraldi (sp) that lost the Series - Buckner opened the door to the loss of game six (Mookie was a happy camper, eh?) and then the series) and how could the antiCoach (Francona) be held responsibility for a player's miscue? Anyway - that was yesterday (day before actually) so let's hear it fans:

Let's Go Red Sox
Let's Go Red Sox
Let's Go Red Sox

Last year was great cause when the season ended - we weren't saying "wait until next year" so lets repeat huh?