October 4, 2005

Red Sox ALDS Roster

SP: Clement, Wells, Wakefield, Schilling

Bullpen: Arroyo, Bradford, Myers, Papelbon, Timlin, Gonzalez

Lineup: Varitek, Millar, Graffanino, Renteria, Mueller, Ramirez, Damon, Nixon, Ortiz

Bench: Mirabelli, Olerud, Cora, Youkilis, Machado, Hyzdu

Theo Epstein said Craig Hansen was not seriously considered: "We think asking him to be on the postseason roster wouldn't have really been fair. ... He's going to have a very productive offseason and report to Spring Training."

Steven Krasner (ProJo) reports that Roberto Petagine and Hanley Ramirez are in Ft. Myers working out in case of a possible roster change for the ALCS.

Matt Clement's post-ASG ERA was 5.72 (and 7.20 in his last five starts). Jose Contreras was 8-0, 2.09 over his final eight starts (11-2, 2.96 ERA after the ASG), but he has a 11.67 ERA (35 ER in 27 IP) against Boston.

Theo says that Contreras has become a better pitcher than when he was in New York:
He's throwing his fastball more, really establishing that first. He's throwing it with improved velocity. His split is a lights-out pitch right now. He's taken a step forward. He's a little bit different guy than he was in the past. To me the biggest difference from afar is that he now pitches more conventionally, establishing his fastball, using his split off of his fastball. Whereas in the past, especially whenever he'd get in trouble, he would get really split happy and you couldn't get him to throw his fastball. When he did, he couldn't consistently command it. I know the Yankees tried to get him to throw his fastball more and he just couldn't do it.
Kevin Millar will be at first this afternoon; he's is 5-for-10 against Jose Contreras, including two home runs and an 1.867 OPS. He's also doing a MLB Diary again.

Ozzie Guillen:
With Jose pitching, I don't want Ortiz to beat him. I will take the chance with Manny.
Guillen also said Bobby Jenks will be his closer (not Dustin Hermanson).


Anonymous said...

Ok, can't take it and just left ESPN TV for ESPN radio. Moron Sutcliffe just said the "key play" in the game was Guillen having the ChiSox bunt Posednik to second in the first inning!!! Right, Rick, that was much more important than the fact that Clement had no more idea where his pitches were going than Mark Clear pitching blindfolded. Honestly...will no one rid me of this blithering fool??

allan said...

That would be the same dolt that was talking about Oakland reliever "Hudson Street".