October 21, 2005

World Series Repeats

The White Sox and Astros begin the World Series tomorrow night. Obviously , both clubs did not play in last years's series. I wondered how often the same two teams have met in consecutive fall classics (winners in bold).
Year AL        NL

1907 Tigers    Cubs
1908 Tigers    Cubs

1921 Yankees   Giants
1922 Yankees   Giants
1923 Yankees   Giants

1930 Athletics Cardinals
1931 Athletics Cardinals

1936 Yankees   Giants
1937 Yankees   Giants

1942 Yankees   Cardinals
1943 Yankees   Cardinals

1952 Yankees   Dodgers
1953 Yankees   Dodgers

1955 Yankees   Dodgers
1956 Yankees   Dodgers

1957 Yankees   Milwaukee
1958 Yankees   Milwaukee

1977 Yankees   Dodgers
1978 Yankees   Dodgers


Jack said...

While it's entirely unsurprising, it sickens me to see the Yankees appear so many times on that list.

allan said...

yeah, sorry about that!

off the top of my head, i figured the last time would have been during the nyy-nyg-bkn era. (i completely forgot about 76-77.)

Anonymous said...

Definitely not surprised that the Yankees dominate that list. That's what 26 World Championships will do. I can sum it up in one word: BORING. [Yawn]

Jere said...

Times the Sox and Yanks appeared in consecutive World Series:

3. ('46-'47; '75-'76; 2003-2004.)

Just throwin' that out there because I'd never thought of it before.