October 4, 2005

Division Series Predictions

Last night, I realized now that people can comment here, I didn't need to solict predictions via email. So here are the two emails I have received so far:

Andrew at 12eight:
BOS/CHW: Sox in 4
NYY/LAA: Angels in 4
SDP/STL: Cardinals in 4
HOU/ATL: Braves in 5
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Andrew meant the Red Sox.

Sam Pratt:
Red Sox beat White Sox, 3-1 (L, W, W, W)
Red Sox in 4
Angels in 4
Cardinals in 3
Astros in 5
Go Sox! You Can Doooo Eeet!

A commercial message ... I love my Godpapi shirt:


Anonymous said...

Two items of national sports pundit idiocy: 1) In an unbalanced schedule, winning 4 more games does not mean the ChiSox were "The best" AL team. They played the Royals 18 times...that will sure inflate your W-L record. 2) All the stats quoted on Timlin show him blowing 7 of 20 save ops as closer. That's not correct: most of the bs came when he was a set up man coming in with the tying runs on base. Timlin didn't have 20 closing opportunities.

Sox in 3; Angels in 4; Braves in 4; Padres in 5.

Anonymous said...


And also, yes.

Anonymous said...

ALDS: Boston over Chicago in 4, Anaheim/LA/whatever over NY in 5
NLDS: Houston over Atlanta in 5, St. Louis over Padres in 3
ALCS: Boston over Anaheim in 7
NLCS: St. Louis over Houston in 6
World Series: Boston over St. Louis in 6

But I'd be happier to see Houston in the WS - wouldn't it be fun to watch Trot clobber Clemens for a couple HRs, just for old times sake?