October 26, 2005

WS4: White Sox 1, Astros 0

Another World Series sweep -- and another team erases a multi-generational drought.

Congratulations to all White Sox fans!


DanM said...

and just like that - it is next year!

Anonymous said...

Cubs go all the way in 2006--you heard it here first!

From the Vined Smithy said...

Nah, it's coming in 2014. The Red Sox in 1918, White Sox in 1917, Cubs in 1908. History is obviously playing with it like a mirror, by having the Red Sox one year, then the White Sox in the year following. If it follows the same pattern for the Cubs, they'll win in 9 years (the number of years between the last White Sox championship and the last Cubs championship). Hell, it's only 106 years to have waited at that point.

Seriously, though, let's make it at least 100 years for the Cubs. THAT'S heartbreak.