April 21, 2005


Anyone can comment here -- and disagreements are fine. If you are a troll, however, your posts will be deleted. This is my blog, not a public forum. Anything does not go. Calling me an asshole in all CAPS most certainly does not go.

Deleting meritless posts does not mean I'm running my blog -- as one anonymous idiot who had his comments zapped claimed -- "like Hitler ran Germany."


Anonymous said...

WOW! I was the one to post the 'enough is enough' comment regarding the whole Sheff incident, but that was it. In fact, it was my first blog comment I ever wrote.

I'm sorry that it's gotten so out of hand!

I love your blog. Hope everything gets back to normal.

allan said...

Don't worry, it had nothing to do with you. Your comment was fine. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me or telling me I'm wrong. Just be civil -- and you were.

It probably was enough with Sheffield, but I wanted to post Yankee Bob's decision and because MLB's version of the incident was so ridiculous, my comment ended up being more than a sentence.

laura k said...

Are you sure he didn't mean like Bush runs the US? (I know, I'm supposed to save that for your other blog...)

But seriously. Some guy who's never met you randmonly insults you - and then has the gall to accuse you of censoring him! (Plus of course he calls you immature!)

Don't these people have anything better to do?

I get the same thing all the time. It's your blog, you've got to control it. That's what the delete key is for.

Adam Crossland said...

Civility -- enforced or otherwise -- is much needed, especially in discussion of professional sports.

It is sad that some folks feel like discussion of our beloved Red Sox makes yahooism and disrespectfulness acceptable. Quite the opposite is true; with so much attention in the press every time that someone at Fenway does something jerky when the Yankees are in town, it falls upon us to be on our best behavior and show the the world that Sox fans and Bostonians aren't ignorant thumbheads.


SoxFanPanhandle said...

Good morning,

Love your blog - read it daily -
Quick question though - are you or any of your readers/fans having any difficulty accessing the Boston Dirt Dogs site ?
I usually link to you through Boston.com/Boston Dirt Dogs -
However, over the last several days, have been unable to view Boston Dirt Dogs page .
Hoping it's just a little hiccup .

Any info you might be bale to share would be appreciated -
Please keep up the great work .
Thank you in advance for your time .

SOX are looking awesome early on - Clement was brilliant { again }last night - GO SOX !!!

~ peace * cheers ~

cfp said...

I feel your pain. I've had similar issues on my blog. Anonymity can sometimes be courage for cowards. Civil liberties aren't that complicated, people. Learn 'em and live 'em, and don't make accusations lightly. It makes you sound like an American Taliban.

Anonymous said...

Speaking for the part of your readership that enjoys reading massive amounts of superfluous profanity, personal attacks on the author, and unmoderated access for tourette's patients, this is a black day.


Anonymous said...

Jeez.... looks like I missed something juicy.... too bad computers dont yet have a button to reach out and wring these bungholes' necks.... I heard Apple is working on it though.....

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog since discovering it last summer. It amazes me not so much that people would take the time to call you an a-hole in all caps, but even more so that they'd object to you deleting their "opinion". This is your forum, and we're lucky to get to read it. Keep up the great work. (Go Sox.)

Anonymous said...

I just got a headsup from a friend at the miami herald. The south american balco has been uncovered. the names in the report are said to be David Ortiz, manny, Javi lopez and Julio Franco. This is not good for THE NATION!

allan said...

Dirt Dogs seems fine. I have it bookmarked and don't go through the Globe.

"this is a black day" :>)