April 1, 2005

WS 4: Red Sox 3, Cardinals 0

Wednesday, October 27, 2004 -- a mere 31,458 days since Wednesday, September 11, 1918.

Fox's Joe Buck at 11:39 pm:
Two down. The Red Sox are one out away. ... Edgar Renteria, 2-out-of-3 tonight ... The last chance for St. Louis to extend this game. ... Pujols takes second on ball one inside, no stolen base ... [crowd chanting "Let's go, Red Sox!] ... Back to Foulke! ... Red Sox fans have longed to hear it! The Boston Red Sox are world champions!

It has been 86 years -- generations have come and gone -- and for the first time since 1918, the Boston Red Sox are champions of baseball.
Ah, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back a little more than three hours earlier -- to 8:26 pm.

Boston 1st: Marquis pitches to Damon:
93 low inside corner, called strike
94 up and away 1-1
93 up and away 2-1
92 fastball, a little high, over the heart of the plate, hit into rcf bullpen, home run
Cabrera grounds out third to first (Rolen runs in, excellent bare-handed grab and throw). Ramirez (bcbb) walks. Ortiz (bbcsb) flies to left. Varitek (ccbbf) strikes out swinging.

Cardinals 1st: Lowe pitching. Womack (bc) singles to left center, over leaping Cabrera, thrown in by Ramirez. Walker (bt) sacrifices pitcher to first (somewhat of a surprise, trying to go near the third base line, but dragged more towards the mound, quickly fielded by Lowe), Womack to second. Pujols (f) grounds out second to first, Womack to third. Rolen (0-for-11 in WS) (fb) grounds out pitcher unassisted (swinging bunt on first base line, Rolen tagged trying to dive into bag). ... Discussion of LaRussa possibly batting Renteria #2 and Walker #4 tonight; Buck says LaRussa was worried it would look like the desperation move of a team down 0-3.

Boston 2nd: Mueller (bbc) grounds out second to first (routine). Nixon (bb) doubles to right center gap, cut off and thrown in by Walker. Bellhorn (bcbbf) walks (strike 2 deep and foul to right field). Lowe (b) bunts out third to second (Rolen runs in, slides in front of mound, pivots for throw, close play), Nixon to third, Bellhorn to second. Damon (bbcf) grounds out first unassisted.

Cardinals 2nd: Edmonds (c) flies out to left. Renteria (cbbf) grounds out third to first (hot shot, nice backhand by Mueller). Mabry (bc) flies out to right.

Boston 3rd: Cabrera (cbb) flies out to left. Ramirez (f) singles through infield into left (had hit safely in 17 consecutive post-season games, tying all-time record held by Hank Bauer and Derek Jeter). Ortiz (b) doubles down right field line into corner, Ramirez to third. [McCarver surprised LaRussa has no one up.] Varitek (bbcb) safe on fielder's choice, first to catcher, Ramirez tagged out (Pujols's casual throw in plenty of time), Ortiz to third. Mueller (bbb) walks, Varitek to second. [McCarver: Marquis is "an accident waiting to happen"; Cardinals bullpen silent.] Nixon (bbb) doubles off right center field wall (crushed), fielded by Edmonds, Ortiz and Varitek score, Mueller to third. Bellhorn (iii) walked intentionally. Lowe (b -- crowd booing; still no pen action; McCarver: "mind-boggling" -- sc -- Reyes now up -- b) strikes out swinging. Red Sox 3-0.

Cardinals 3rd: Molina (cc -- crowd booing passive batting) strikes out swinging (waves at outside pitch). Marquis (.292 during season; McCarver doesn't mind him hitting, "but sending him out there is a considerable risk for the Cardinals") grounds out shortstop to first. Womack (cbbs) grounds out shortstop to first.

Red Sox 4th: Marquis still in. Damon (fbbc) grounds out second to first (nice shovel pass). Cabrera (b - crowd silent except for "Let's Go Red Sox!" chant - fbbf) flies out to CF in left center. Ramirez (chatting between Manny and YMolina; umpire breaks it up; Tito out to see what's up (?) - bbb) flies out to center.

Cardinals 4th: St. Louis fans cheering a bit more. Walker (bbc) lines out to right (Nixon on track). Pujols (cbf) strikes out swinging. Rolen (jammed) fouls out to first.

Red Sox 5th: Ortiz (cbbfb) walks. Haren up in pen. Varitek (bbcf) strikes out looking. Mueller (cffbbb) grounds out second to first (runner off with pitch, Womack to his left, looks at second, throws to first), Ortiz to second. Nixon flies out to CF in left center. Marquis struggling, but he's the first St. Louis pitcher to pitch five full innings in the series.

Cardinals 5th: Edmonds (c) lines out to third. Renteria (bbcfb) doubles to left center gap, fielded by Damon. Mabry (b - Renteria to third on wild pitch; Varitek never gloved it; cross-up?) - ff) strikes out swinging (Mabry says he fouled it; Varitek gets ball, tag Mabry as Mabry argues with ump). Molina (bcb) grounds out shortstop to first.

Red Sox 6th: Cardinals pen quiet (Marquis leads off next inning). Bellhorn (cbcb) strikes out swinging. Lowe (f) grounds out pitcher (snared high off mound in follow-through) to first. Damon (b) triples to right center gap (liner just over 2B's leap; Walker throws in, no play at third. [Reyes up in pen.] Cabrera (bbscf) flies out to right.

Cardinals 6th: Anderson (hitting for Marquis) (c) bunts out pitcher to first (hard bunt right at Lowe). Womack (bbc) flies out to center (towards lcf). Walker (bfbb) walks. Pujols (cfb - crowd cheering/chanting - bb - outside? low? tailing fastball close; Varitek and Ortiz out to talk to Lowe!!) pops out to second (in short right center).

Red Sox 7th: Haren in. Ramirez (cbbs) strikes out swinging. Ortiz (bfb) grounds out first to pitcher. Varitek (b) flies out to CF in deep left center (Edmonds basket catch at track).

Cardinals 7th: Mientkiewicz at 1B; Arroyo and Embree up. Rolen (bfbcb) flies out to center. Edmonds lines out to center. Renteria (cb) singles to right (line drive opposite field). Mabry (fsb) strikes out swinging.

Red Sox 8th: Isringhausen up. Mueller (cb) hits line single to right. Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan visits. Nixon doubles to right field corner (third double of game for Trot), Mueller held at third. Kapler runs for Nixon; Isringhausen relieves Haren; Sanders replaces Mabry in LF. Bellhorn (bsbfb) walks, bases loaded (no outs). Reese runs for Bellhorn; Millar hits for Lowe. Millar (bbsf) strikes out swinging. Damon safe on fielder's choice, Mueller out at home, first to catcher (Pujols ranges to his right, makes excellent and accurate sidearm throw), Kapler to third, Reese to second. Cabrera (bbb - catcher throws to first - ccfff) strikes out swinging (fastball 88 up).

Cardinals 8th: Arroyo relieves Lowe; Reese at 2B; Kapler in RF; Embree, Timlin up. Cedeno (hits for Molina) (cbfb) pops out to second (Pokey in front of bag). Sanders (bfcbb) walks. Embree relieves Arroyo; Luna hits for Womack. Luna (s (92 heat up) b - Sanders steals second (no throw) - b - Cabrera to mound; middle infielders back on Sanders - f) strikes out swinging (94 heat). Walker (3-for-6 v. Embree) (f (93)) pops out to shortstop in short left. [All fastballs thrown by Embree.]

Red Sox 9th: Luna at 2B; Matheny at C. Ramirez grounds out third to first (Rolen fields it on the line). Mientkiewicz (b) pops out to shallow right. Varitek (bfcbff) singles to left (opposite field). [Foulke up] Mueller (t) grounds into fielder's choice, Varitek out shortstop unassisted.

Cardinals 9th: Foulke relieves Embree. Pujols (cbff) singles up the middle (through Foulke's legs) into center field. Rolen (0-for-14 in WS) (csb) flies out to right (routine catch). Edmonds (first live shot of fans in a Boston bar (Fox showed Sox fans at a New York City bar earlier)) (s (89 middle) f (runner off/75 fouled off 3b side) struck out swinging (90 fastball). Renteria (b - Pujols to second on indifference) grounded out pitcher to first.


John Henry, cradling the trophy: "Last week, we all watched the greatest comeback in the history of sports -- and this week, every -- every fan across the country, across the world, in New England especially, all of our fans, have waited all their lives for this night, and it's finally here. We -- these guys did it for you, New England."

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