April 20, 2005

Manny Was Pulled Because Of Quad

Manny Ramirez was not lifted last night for defense. Francona: "His quad is bothering him. It was bothering him [Monday]. When he said he needs to go ice it, that's the thing to do. We didn't take him out for defense. That was health-related." ... Ramirez should play tonight.

After signing Wakefield to an extension, the Sox are in no hurry to have further discussions with any of the other potential free agents (Damon, Mueller, Millar and Timlin).

Theo on Wade Miller: "He got stronger as the game went on, with command of his fastball, he touched 93, he sat on 89-90, he had good breaking stuff." Miller will be with the team in Baltimore and is set to pitch again on Saturday, either for Wilmington (A) or Portland (AA).

Boston police are seeking misdemeanor criminal charges against the two fans involved in the Sheffield scuffle.

Tonight: David Wells / Bruce Chen, 7:00
Thursday: Matt Clement / Rodrigo Lopez, 7:00

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