April 24, 2005

G19: Red Sox 11, Devil Rays 3

Ian Browne (redsox.com):
In the bottom of the sixth, Sox starter Bronson Arroyo hit Aubrey Huff with a pitch, setting off what was about to become a very eventful afternoon. Home plate umpire Ted Barrett went out to talk to Arroyo, but no warnings were issued.

Then, in the top of the seventh, Devil Rays reliever Lance Carter threw a pitch behind Manny Ramirez. Warnings were issued to both sides, and Ramirez got the ultimate revenge on the very next pitch, clubbing Carter's meaty fastball over the wall in left to give the Sox a 5-2 lead. Ortiz stepped up next, and the first pitch from Carter sailed over his head, causing both benches to empty. Rays catcher Toby Hall wrapped Ortiz up. Carter and Rays manager Lou Piniella were both ejected, which was automatic with the warning in place. Nixon was also ejected, as he went toward the mound and pointed at Carter. Rays right-hander Dewon Brazelton, who jawed with Nixon, was thrown out as well.

On the first pitch of the bottom of the seventh, Arroyo hit Chris Singleton, leading to his ejection, and that of manager Terry Francona. Though the benches emptied again, things stayed calm ...
There is also a five-minute video clip at the link above, showing Carter throwing at Manny and Ortiz and the ensuing scuffle. Nixon looks ready to chew nails.

After things settled down, Boston sent 12 batters to the plate in the eighth, scoring six times. Jay Payton, who took over for Nixon in right field, hit a grand slam.

One Sox blogger has already weighed in.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing every time theres a fight in a sox game captian punk leaves his mask on. Ive never seen any other catcher do it once. He does it every time. One more thing Inever see him in the scrums.

allan said...

One more thing Inever see him in the scrums.

It's true. Last July, when Varitek grabbed Rodriguez in an attempt to throw him to the ground, Varitek was nowhere to be seen.

laura k said...

Can anyone explain to me these people's obsession with Varitek leaving his mask on? Who thinks about what they're wearing when they're grabbing guys between their legs and throwing them to the ground...?

Anonymous said...

You mean "when Varitek grabbed Rodriguez in an attempt to throw him to the ground," WITH HIS MASK ON??...Are you looking for a job as a proofreader?...BTW, Lou's been finding a reason to fight Sox since '74...

Anonymous said...

"Who thinks about what they're wearing when they're grabbing guys between their legs and throwing them to the ground...?"

Ummm, every other catcher in the history of baseball.

laura k said...

Oy, he's a baseball historian, too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A: why I left Yankeeland for Red Sox Nation.

allan said...

Can anyone explain to me these people's obsession with Varitek leaving his mask on?

It's a good question. Please answer it.

Anonymous said...

It is a dirty play. It is just as dirty as a rollblock at second base or throwing above the neck. Can you honestly say you have seen any catcher fight with a mask on before? Please answer

allan said...

But why does it bother you?

Or rather -- why does it bother Yankee fans so much? Slappy wasn't hurt, the world continued rotating on its axis and the Red Sox won the World Series. ... GET OVER IT!

And yes, I know you're a Yankee fan, because no other group of people on the planet would even give the topic a first thought (let alone a second thought). Only Yankee fans go on and on and on and on about this non-mask removal.

Whoever introduced this childish complaint was a friggin' genius -- little Yankee fans all over the place with their wounded pride crying that big bad Jason kept his mask on.

It's pathetic. Grow up.

And if you think a rollblock at second base is a dirty play -- it's not -- then you've got about 8-10 "dirty" plays every single day -- during every single season -- to get all worked up about. You're going to be pretty busy.

Hey, Varitek's shin guards were on too. What about that? It prevented Slappy from kicking him in the leg. Whaaaaaaa. He doesn't play fair.

Anonymous said...

You still didnt answer my question.Rollblocks have been outlawed, ask Remdog. I can not wait till my grandchildren see the next sox championship in 86 years. oy, is that a N.Y. accent?

allan said...

Of course I've seen catchers fight with the mask on. I would assume most fans who have been watching the game for more than a few years have. I've been watching baseball for 30 years.

When a runner comes crashing in at the plate, trying to score, and the catcher and runner start throwing punches, the catcher (some of whom keep their masks on even while fielding a throw from the outfield) isn't going to ask the runner to stop punching for a moment while he removes his mask.

Going in hard at second base -- to break up a double play -- or running into the catcher -- trying to jar the ball loose at the plate (Rose/Fosse being the most famous example) -- was, is and likely always will be, legal.

P.S.: I rewatched Sunday's scrum. Varitek is out on the field right away -- without mask, without chest protector and without shin guards.

Ortiz was batting. Millar was on deck. Varitek was next. There was only one out. Varitek was getting ready to hit. Of course he was out there quickly -- he was practically in the on-deck circle when it began.

The facts are not on your side. In fact, the facts have never met you, and wouldn't recognize you on the street.

And it's a Vermont accent you're "hearing."

Anonymous said...

The rollblock is illegal FACT.Look it up Abner. I am older than you and I was watching baseball when you were taking breast milk.You can take out a catcher any way you want, I didnt say you couldnt. DO you know what a rollblock is?

laura k said...

"oy, is that a N.Y. accent?"

It sure is: mine. Born and raised here, proud NYer, formerly proud Yankees fan. Until Yankee fans like you slowly drove me away.

Team loses the pennant and you whine about it for years. Take a look at some real fans. You can laugh at 86 years, but would you have been stuck by your team through all that? Fans like you were wearing blue & orange in the 80s, while I was watching the Yankees with about 15,000 other diehards.

"I am older than you and I was watching baseball when you were taking breast milk."

That only means you've been alive longer. It's no indication of how smart you are, or what you know about baseball. Good to know you've survived more than 43 years on the planet by sheer dumb luck.

Your team blows four games straight for the biggest collapse in baseball history and all you can do is whine about a catcher who left his mask on during a fight. Oy. Friggin pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You once were a YANKEE fan now your a sox fan,so your not a true fan of any team your just fickle. I have been a YANKEE fan my entire life unlike you who sound confused. Fickle and cofused people shouldnt worry how "smart" other people are. The only "dumb luck" I ever had was not running into you on a thursday afternoon in the 60s when there were only 5,600 in the stands. Maybe in a few years you can become a padres fan or a brewer fan or maybe canadian football or womens soccer. "diehard" yeah right

laura k said...

It's true. I switched. I'm not proud of it. The Yankees were like a bad marriage, and I had to leave. It hurt like hell, but my heart changed, and I had to follow my heart.

I was a total diehard from age 15 (when I discovered baseball - later than some, I know, but that's when it happened for me) until the age of 41.

Then the pigheaded, arrogant, sore-winner, humorless, egocentric, militaristic Yankee fans drove me away. And much to my surprise, the Red Sox won my heart.

I am who I am. I'm not confused. Nor am I a loud-mouthed, grammatically challegened, foaming at the mouth ALL CAPS typist.

Be well. Enjoy the season. It's there for all of us to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Iwill give you grammaticly challenged. Ive been lucky other people have been doing my typing my entire life. I am new to typing so why dont you guys stop acting like the proofreaders blog and get over it.because its not getting better any time in the near future. I dont get the CAPS diss, so ill stop using them. I do hope you enjoy the season too. "basebaii is the only sport"