April 29, 2005

"Yankee Bob" Has Spoken

Unless appealed, all suspensions begin tonight.
Terry Francona   3 games
Bronson Arroyo 6 games
Trot Nixon 2 games

Lou Piniella 3 games
Dewon Brazelton 5 games
Lance Carter 5 games
The above six were also fined an undisclosed amount of money, as were David Ortiz and Chris Singleton.

It all seems a bit much to me (especially the fines to Tiz and Singleton), though I realize the length of Arroyo's and Brazelton's suspensions are to guarantee they each miss a start.

One lesson I learned today:
Yell at, and take maybe four steps towards, a pitcher who threw deliberately at your head = A fine

Get brushed by a fan (maybe) while fielding a ball and, before throwing the ball back to the infield, turn and try to punch that fan with both hands = No fine (and be showered with praise for your restraint)
Thanks, Bob.

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