April 11, 2005

G7: Red Sox 8, Yankees 1

A perfect afternoon. I was able to watch the pre-game ceremonies via a NESN broadcast on my laptop -- which was a godsend since ESPN was utterly useless. The Baseball Tonight broadcast showed scattered clips -- a lot less than I expected -- and even then the four anchors insisted on blabbing idiotically, thus ruining the moment.

Wakefield pitched seven strong innings, Mantei looked better than usual, Foulke pitched a perfect ninth (great, use him in an 8-1 game, but not a 3-3 tie), Mirabelli hit an early bomb off of Mussina, Millar and Nixon both had two-rbi hits and Renteria banged a double in his final at-bat.

Various SoSHers were at the game and have posted pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Was counting on ESPN to help me see the ring ceremony too. Like I care whether Kruk and Reynolds would come back for the ring ceremony if they were in Lowe's situation and what they would wear. I think it was some of the worst commentary I've ever heard. They should pair up with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. They have such genuinely idiotic comments, it's impressive. What a colossal waste.

Anonymous said...

Kruk was being an absolute moron the whole day. When he talked about how the Yankees shouldn't put up with Giambi's horrible offense anymore (.235 batting avg! .800+ OPS!! before the game), Reynolds completely put him in his place, reminding him the season was only 6 games old.