April 2, 2005

Tell Your Story

I hate that they have to use the C word -- especially about a project by fans documenting our "dedication, perseverance and obsessiveness" -- but if you think you've got a cool story, let 'em know:
Hey Red Sox Fans, what's your story? We're doing a documentary about Red Sox Fans, and we want you to tell us what you personally did to help "break the curse"! Where were you physically and emotionally at key moments during the ALCS and World Series. We are a team of independent filmmakers who want to preserve the stories we've heard and archive them for fans everywhere. Contact us with your story at rsfans@cineking.com, including as much detail and color as you can re-live, for your chance to be interviewed on camera and become part of baseball history.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It took me to 2:15 am to not be speechless about Sox loss. I had to laugh at VD Funny one (on Channel 6 I think)
who backed the Sox last year with such intensity and this year mentioned, "Oh! It is the start of Bruin's season...
while commentators drove him crazy flashing 2nd baseman's leg spread...as ball went through. After I pressed
mute off I heard Ozzie say so diplomatically, "who knows if it were next week RED sox could have won." ..
after His White Sox had demolished us.
Well Ozzie, that three bases loaded episode in the 8th was the epitome of Sox's regular season and you can't take
that away from me!
Thank you Red Sox for your exciting season!