April 1, 2005

Will Carroll Speaks

The BP writer and author talks to Red Sox bloggers Evan Brunell and Marc Normandin.

From Evan's Q&A, comments on the staff and Wade Miller:
"The rotation should be much like last season for the Sox. A lot of solid innings, a lot of worry about the breakdown, some efficient use of depth, finding rest, and using the minors when necessary. I think the bullpen is actually a little bit better, taking some of the load off. ... [B]arring serious injury to one of the main starters, there's no value in rushing [Miller]. Sure, he could pitch in May, but knowing what we know about the situation, that's not the optimal usage. Thinking of Miller as a mid-season acquisition is the best thing."
Carroll talks about steroid usage in both interviews, though in more depth at Marc's blog.

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