April 19, 2005

Crack Up In The Sun, Lose It In the Shade

Trot Nixon on losing fly balls in the sun:
No one understands it. They think just because you have on a pair of glasses you should be able to catch the ball, but when you have a high sky and the ball gets in the sun, you can't see anything. Maybe what the scorers should do is grab a glove and come down here, take some fly balls in the sun, then they'll know what we're dealing with.
Standing in the right field stands during afternoon batting practice at Fenway can be a little scary. Often times, balls crushed by left handed hitters crash into the section almost without warning, like incoming mortal shells. I sometimes wonder how anything gets caught out there. ... And thinking of blind grabs at the ball in the sun, fuck you Lou Piniella.

The Herald has the full text of Chris House's statement. In part:
I had no intention to make contact with Mr. Sheffield, and I do not believe contact occurred. It is ridiculous for anyone to even suggest that I punched him or even attempted to. I was shocked and disappointed by his reaction and I thank Red Sox security and Boston Police for quickly coming to my assistance. Fan interference was not called, but I was asked to leave the park, which I did without resistance.
I believe House will also be interviewed on Boston radio today -- check out BDD this evening for that.

Wade Miller pitched five innings for Wilmington (A) last night. He allowed six hits (including a leadoff home run), struck out six, and walked none. He threw 67 pitches, 47 for strikes. ... The 13-run inning was the biggest for the Yankees since June 21, 1945, when they scored 13 in the fifth inning of a 14-4 win at Boston. It was only the third time in history New York has scored 13 times in an inning and the first at Yankee Stadium. ... The Boss's pep talk didn't work on Jaret Wright (10.05 ERA), however. He was slapped around for 11 hits, three walks and eight runs in 5.1 innings, but got credit for the win.

Arroyo / Halladay at 7:00.

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