April 1, 2005

WS 2: Red Sox 6, Cardinals 2

Sunday, October 24. Again, here is my post after the game.

In six innings, St. Louis manages eight baserunners, but Schilling gets outs when he needs to. Boston makes four errors for the second consecutive game -- something no World Series team has ever done. And yet, the miscues do little harm, and the Red Sox have won both games. ... After Schilling leaves, Embree strikes out the side in the seventh. Timlin allows a run in the eighth before Foulke retires the final four batters.

Fox's sideline reporter Chris Myers is simply horrible. Tonight, he's sent out to the center field bleachers to interview an elderly woman named Annie who is scoring the game in her own scorebook. Myers opens with a patronizing question: "Did you ever think you'd see the Red Sox so close to a championship?" Annie fires right back: "They've been close before! '86, one pitch away, one strike. Shoulda had it."

During Fox's ALCS coverage, Myers obligated to work the words "Aaron" and "Boone" into every question, so he must know how close the Red Sox came in 1986. Did he assume this older woman was that uninformed? Was he humoring her? ... Annie's complaints and praise of the team stampted her as a true fanatic and she offered as much analysis as you'd hear in any random minute from McCarver.

From watching NESN's "Fan of the Game" interviews, I know Fenway is well-populated with gray-haired women who have been devoutly following the Red Sox forever. And they know their shit.

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