April 4, 2005

Pedro: 6-3-3-3-2-12; Looper Blows It

Pedro Martinez made his Mets debut in Cincinnati Monday afternoon. He struck out 12 batters (a team record for opening day) in six innings. But like he did many times with the Sox last year, he had a rough first inning. The three hits and three runs he allowed all came in the opening frame.

After surrendering a long three-run homer to Adam Dunn, Martinez struck out the next four batters, nine of the next 10 and 12 of the next 14. He struck out the side in the second, third and fifth innings. Pedro: "I had a hard time getting my pitches down for strikes. I had a hard time feeling the ball in my hand. It was dry. Later in the afternoon, I got a little feel."

It was the 100th double-digit strikeout game of his career. The PBP:
Reds 1st: Jimenez (c) flied out to center. Griffey (sbs) singled to right. Casey (bsf) singled to left, Griffey to second. Kearns (fcffb) flied out to right, Griffey to third. Dunn (bbbf) homered to right, Griffey, Casey and Dunn scored. Randa (cf) struck out swinging.

Reds 2nd: Aurilia (cffbbb) struck out swinging. LaRue (csbbfb) struck out looking. Wilson (bsbcbf) struck out swinging.

Reds 3rd: Jimenez (bbfbs) walked. Griffey (ff) struck out swinging. Casey (fc) struck out swinging, Jimenez stole second. Kearns (bss) struck out swinging.

Reds 4th: Dunn (bbcs) struck out swinging. Randa (cbfb) struck out swinging. Aurilia lined out to center.

Reds 5th: LaRue (bsfb) struck out swinging. Wilson (scb) struck out looking. Jimenez (bbbcff) struck out looking.

Reds 6th: Griffey (sbbb) walked. Casey (ffb) grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first. Kearns (bsbsb) grounded out to third.
The Stems lost the game, 7-6, when Adam Dunn and Joe Randa both homered (Dunn's second shot of the game) off Brandon Looper in the bottom of the ninth.

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