April 18, 2005

Yankees Score 13 in Second Inning

The Fear of George is a powerful motivator!
Matsui (cbbbc) walked.
Rodriguez (s) homered to left, Matsui and Rodriguez scored.
Giambi (cb) doubled to center.
Posada grounded out first to pitcher, Giambi to third.
Martinez (bcffb) singled to right, Giambi scored, Martinez to second on error by right fielder.
Womack (cb) singled to shallow right, Martinez to third.
Jeter (cffbb) singled to right center, fielded by RF, Martinez scored, Womack to third.
Williams (b) singled to right, Womack scored, Jeter to second.
Sheffield singled to left center, fielded by LF, Jeter scored, Williams to second.
Matsui (b) singled to right, Williams to third, Sheffield to second.
Rodriguez (cfb) doubled to deep left, Williams and Sheffield scored, Matsui to third.
Carter relieved Bell.
Giambi (iii) intentionally walked.
Posada (bc) singled to right, Matsui scored, Rodriguez to third, Giambi to second.
Martinez (bbbc) Martinez homered to right, Rodriguez, Giambi, Posada and Martinez scored.
Womack (cfbb) grounded out shortstop to first.
Jeter (bsbb) walked.
Williams flied out to right.
13 Runs, 11 Hits, 1 Error
Final: Yankees 19-8. ... New York fans shouldn't get too confident -- bad things happen to the Yankees after they win games by that score.

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Mike said...

What I find sexiest about the Yanks spanking the D-Rays like they did is the fact that they gave up more runs to the D-Rays in last nights game than we gave up to them in our 3 game series.