April 10, 2005

Memo To Wells: We've Left Ft. Myers

Wells: "It seems like I'm in spring training mode right now." ... Hey, fatass, why did you say back in February that you didn't need to pitch too many innings in Florida because you know what you need to do before the season begins? I can't cheer for this jerk, but I'd like to at least tolerate him. He's making it difficult.

Brad Mills had some big decisions yesterday when it came to deciding when to go to the bullpen. The Herald's Tony Massarotti said sending Wells out for the seventh was a "curious decision." I don't agree, but apparently Mills does: "If I'm kicking myself at all I'm kicking myself that I let [Wells] go out for that inning. To see a starter come back like he did, you hate to have them lose the ballgame."

12:05 Gates open
12:15 Red Sox batting practice
1:15 Yankees batting practice
2:00 Pregame ceremonies begin
2:15 Presentation of World Series rings
2:30 Raising of the World Series banner
2:40 Introduction of the Yankees
2:45 Introduction of the Red Sox
2:53 Moments of silence for Pope John Paul II and Dick Radatz
2:54 National anthem
2:56 Military jet flyover
2:57 Ceremonial first pitch
3:00 Ceremonial pronouncement to "Play Ball" by 92-year-old Charlie Wagner, a former Red Sox pitcher
3:05 First pitch - Tim Wakefield to Derek Jeter
ESPN has Baseball Tonight scheduled for 2:00, so they will probably be showing the ceremonies. With any luck, they will shut up and let us simply watch. ... A few Yankees talk about witnessing the ceremonies:
Joe Torre: "If our BP ends at 2, it's not likely we'll be outside. Guys will do what they normally do to get ready. I'm not saying the dugout will be empty. I didn't give anyone instructions. The one thing we don't want to do is purposely not be there."

Jeter: I won't go out of my way to not see it. If I'm doing something to get ready and I'm there, then I'm there."

Jorge Posada: "We've never watched anyone get their World Series rings. I don't want to see that."
In Atlanta, Pedro Martinez pitches this afternoon for the winless Mets against John Smoltz. At 0-5, the Mets are off to the third-worst start in their history (1962 (0-9) and 1963 (0-8)). They haven't even held a lead in a game since Braden Looper blew an Opening Day save.