July 11, 2006

ASG77: American 3, National 2

The World Series will open in Boston!

The AL, down by a run since the third inning, was down to its last out against Trevor Hoffman in the top of the ninth. Paul Konerko singled to left (a hit only because the NL 3B was guarding the line), Troy Glaus bopped a ground rule double to left, and Michael Young, on an 0-2 pitch, tripled to the gap in right center. The junior circuit took a 3-2 lead.

And Mariano Rivera got the save, despite letting the potential tying run reach second with two outs. ... The American League won its 9th straight All-Star Game (though the NL did get its first lead since 2003) -- completed in a swift 2:33.


Lineups for the 77th All-Star Game:
AL               NL
Suzuki RF Soriano LF
Jeter SS Beltran CF
Ortiz 1B Pujols 1B
ARodriguez 3B Bay RF
Guerrero LF Renteria SS
IRodriguez C Wright 3B
Wells CF Utley 2B
Loretta 2B Lo Duca C
Rogers P Penny P


thatdietcokegirl said...

ho yes, AL take the lead in the 9th ;D

that's exciting right?

allan said...

conflicting emotions

want ozzie to lose -- want AL to win -- want rivera to blow it

want e-rod to get an error in the 5th -- love tizzle's scoop (sparing him the black mark)

Zenslinger said...

Was not interested or excited. Kind of felt bad for the NL when the AL came back, but then it struck me that it might be a real advantage for the Sox. I mean, really could be.

It is reasonable to see our chances as good at this point, at least good for winning the AL East, given the number of home games we have in the second half?

Or should somebody talk me down?

Kyle said...

Abreu is the last guy we want to trade for!! He is a clubhouse cancer. He loafs after the ball in the outfield.

No deal!

After years of watching the Phillies here in Pa...please do not trade for him.

He is anti-clutch.

David Gourlay said...

It was a great game actually with a vintage ending for all fans to appreciate and enjoy.

If only we could get rid of Selig - slagging Manny like that. Shameful after the lack of effort Sleig puts in to address some major weaknesses of the game.


Peter N said...

Selig made a fool of himself yet again with his comments about selected pitchers being banned from pitching for their team on the Sunday before the Tuesday games. I wrote about it. Lunacy? Senility? Search me...