July 16, 2006

G90: Athletics 8, Red Sox 1

A pathetic showing, dropping three of four to Oakland at home.

Snyder pitched well for four innings. Then he loaded the bases and walked in a run before getting two clutch strikeouts. He was one out away from escaping a huge jam down only 1-0, he couldn't do it. Two singles brought in three more runs and Rudy Seanez allowed one more (19 of his 33 first batters this year have reached base).

Alex Gonzalez popped a solo home run for Boston's only run. Manny Ramirez singled and walked twice, but also made a stupid base-running mistake, trying to go from first to third on Trot Nixon's single in the fifth. Although there were two outs -- Manny's gaffe ended the inning -- it was one of the few chances the Sox had to cut into the A's lead.

Both the Yankees and Blue Jays won this afternoon, so the East looks like this:
Boston 54 36 --
New York 53 36 ½
Toronto 51 40 3½
The Royals are next -- and nothing but a sweep will do.


Joe Blanton (4.95) / Kyle Snyder (10.29), 2 PM

In his lone Red Sox start, on June 19, Snyder gave up three runs and four hits while striking out six over five innings against Washington. ... In his only start against the Red Sox -- on September 15, 2005 -- Blanton allowed two runs and six hits in six innings.


brian said...

We gave 2.5 games to the Yanks real quick this weekend. At least we gained ground for the WC on the ChiSox. (2.5 back)

Snyder pitched decent. He got squeezed on the Scutaro BB.

The bats looked real slow this series. That never happens at home. We've got 4 more at the Fens to get hot (3 w/KC, 1 w/TEX)

laura k said...

NO wild card this year. The AL East. We must be the division. Must must must must must.


Jack Marshall said...

Permit me to find the silver lining here:
1) The Sox caught a break by moving Wake to Monday. This would have been another no-support outing for him, and he's had more than his share.
2) Snyder is the best of the not-ready-for-5th-slot players by FAR. He was never hit very hard in the 5th, and his curve is nasty. I'd keep him and ship out Rudy. He'd be a good long relief guy.
3) I view both extra inning losses as flukes...the not-called interference on A.J.'s dirty slide and a blown save by JP; and the Loretta error. No big deal.
4) The collapse of the Chisox against NY combined with Detroit's performance against NY and the Sox has me convinced that they are no better than the East best. They can be taken.

Not to worry.

Unknown said...

Good quote from Lowell today about keeping things in perspective:

"I think you feel like things are going good when you're winning 12 in a row. The formula's pretty simple. We're doing a lot of good things when we're winning, and there's usually things that we're not executing when we're not, whether it's pitching, defense, hitting, whatever the case may be. Few times do you really win and play poorly."