July 14, 2006

Craig Breslow Up; Lester = Houdini

Lefthander Craig Breslow was called up from Pawtucket. To make room, Lenny DiNardo was transferred to the 60-day disabled list. Breslow:
Surprised, excited, anxious all at the same. ... I grew up in a family of Mets fans. But with that came a deeply rooted hatred for the Yankees. I guess that crosses over.
In 37.1 innings, Jon Lester has allowed 63 baserunners (35 hits, 25 walks and 3 HBP). He has pitched only six 1-2-3 innings. Yet his ERA is only 2.89. Opposing teams have scored more than one run in an inning off Lester only once -- when Texas got two in the first inning of Lester's debut.

Art Martone on the Red Sox wasted scoring chances last night: "Number of Red Sox baserunners: 20. Number of Red Sox home runs: 2. Number of times the Red Sox were retired in order by Oakland pitching: 1. ... Number of Red Sox runs: 4." Boston was also 2-for-12 with runners on second and/or third, leaving a total of 15 men on base.

Huston Street on Jonathan Papelbon:
I don't really think I can [relate to his success]. The year that he's having is second to none. I think that what he's been able to do on the mound, regardless of whether it's his first year or his 10th, is just absolutely amazing. ... He's in Boston. It's not like he's in some small market. He's playing for the Red Sox. They're expected to win every single year. That's what makes what he's able to do even more special.
Jeff Horrigan checks in with Lowell Spinners closer Joshua Papelbon:
It's unbelievable. Every time I come into a game, it's a standing ovation and everyone chanting, 'Papelbon,' and everyone wanting autographs. I knew it was going to be somewhat like this because of my brother but not this intense. I don't think there's ever been this much hoopla for a 48th-rounder.
In 7.1 innings over six appearances, Papelbon has struck out nine, walked one and allowed zero runs. ... More minors.

John Tomase on Craig Hansen:
In Hansen's first inning of work (or less if he enters mid-inning), he has averaged over a strikeout an inning while posting an ERA of 1.74. When starting a second inning, which he has done four times, his ERA shoots to 16.88. Stat-heads speak of sample size, and four outings isn't exactly large. But at the very least, Hansen's second-inning struggles suggest an early trend.
I'm not so sure about this. In Pawtucket, Hansen was starting and pitching three or four innings each time out. He wasn't a one-inning-only type of guy.

Francona talks about the progress of several injured pitchers: David Wells has been throwing long and his right knee isn't getting worse. Tito: "We're close enough where we can start thinking about a side day ... Maybe even within the week. We'll see." ... Matt Clement did not do any throwing over the break, focusing instead on his strength program. ... Tim Wakefield says his back feels "good, not great". ... Lenny DiNardo is scheduled to start today for Pawtucket. ... Francona says Keith Foulke "has been throwing with good arm speed, good zip on the ball".

From the Globe's Extra Bases blog:
Every sportswriter's worst nightmare is being on deadline and having his or her laptop fail. Sometimes it's due to circumstances out of your control. A foul ball off the bat of Bobby Kielty struck the laptop of Springfield Republican sportswriter Ron Chimelis, who was sitting in the front row of the press box, damaging the screen and the machine.
He was still able to file his game story.

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