July 30, 2006

Deadline Drama II

Monday, 12:45 AM There was talk during tonight's game about a possible straight Loretta-for-Lugo deal. I'd do that, but that doesn't help our pitching staff.

For what it's worth, there was also this SoSH post at 10:44 PM: "A fellow Sosher embedded at Fenway just called and told me the Loretta for Lugo deal is done. Loretta was seen leaving Fenway earlier." ... Two follow-up posts after the game: "loretta was in the clubhouse after the game laughing off the rumor according to cbs" and "Per CBS-4 (Sports Final), Loretta was in the dugout during the game".

Jayson Stark says the Red Sox have inquired about Giants starter Jason Schmidt, along with the Mets, Rangers and maybe the White Sox. Stark says the Giants are warning teams that Schmidt will be "expensive" -- either two top-tier young players or one player like that and a young starting pitcher who could replace Schmidt.

Sunday, 5:40 PM -- Will Carroll reports that the Cardinals are about to acquire second baseman Ron Belliard, so that likely removes St. Louis from any Loretta discussion.

Sunday, 4:22 PM -- It's official: the Yankees have picked up Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle from the Phillies for shortstop C.J. Henry, lefty Matt Smith, catcher Jesus Sanchez and righty Carlos Monasterios.

Only Henry (the Yankees' first-round draft pick in 2005, batting .237 in 76 games Charleston (A)) and Smith (who did not allow a run in 12 appearances in New York and has a 2.08 ERA in 24 games for Columbus (AAA)) are worth talking about.

So, in exchange for little more than money (Abreu: $13 this year, $13 in 2007 and a $13 option in 2008 (which they actually may not be obligated to pick up)), the Yankees got a decent right fielder and an upgrade over dreck like Ponson in the #5 starter spot.

But does it really help them? Lidle's NL ERA has hovered around 5.00 all year, and when he was with the Blue Jays in 2003, he posted a 5.75 ERA in 31 starts. Abreu has some speed, but in June and July, he has slugged .404 and .313, respectively. I'm not convinced. Lidle is not the answer to their need for pitching.

The Red Sox acquired Bryan Corey, a right-handed reliever who was DFA'd by the Rangers a few days ago in exchange for AA RHP Louis Mendoza. Corey has pitched in the big leagues in 1998 (Arizona, 4 innings), 2002 (Dodgers, 1 inning) and 2006 (2.60 ERA and 15 hits and 8 walks in 17.1 innings).

Theo is just clearing his throat. ... Right, Theo?


laura k said...

But does it really help them?


anonymous educator said...

Abreu's OBP is very good, but I don't like his physical appearance. He reminds me of Sammy Sosa.

laura k said...

they take on $40m in payroll for .100 OPS points. Big whoop.

Why should we care about the Yankees' payroll? That's not our problem. Abreu is better than whoever's filling in for Sheffield, and Lidle is not great, but he doesn't suck. So it helps them.

That doesn't mean they're suddenly a first-place team. Just that the trade improves their chances.

Saying so doesn't make you any less of a Red Sox fan.

San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

I'm not surprised about the St. Louis trade falling through. I almost wondered if it was a Theo cover to throw off the Yankees from whatever real trade may or may not be happening. I'm very intrigued that Foulke didn't have his session today...

allan said...

While it's true that we shouldn't care about what this will cost the MFY, it is pretty clear that the Red Sox could have matched the Yanks offer of low-level prospects, but felt (correctly (and wisely)) that they couldn't assume the financial burden.

The Sox are saying Foulke had a problem with his back. Can't imagine any team having an interest though.

laura k said...

it's not the sea change that people are making it.

Definitely not. Just an improvement.

laura k said...

Count me as someone who finds Sean's comment inexplicable and unfair, by the way.

His comment re Theo? Inexplicable is an understatement. It's the Twilight Zone. I'm tempted to make a list... but I'll behave myself.

allan said...

way too early to pass judgment on crisp.

thatdietcokegirl said...

whatever, typical yankees: get the big flashy name in the big flashy deal. it's psychological.
bobby abreu will hit, but cory lidle is nothing to write home about.

allan said...

It's a three-year deal. We are a little past the halfway point of the first year.

Even if he doesn't turn it around much in the next two months, he could still put up (or improve on) the numbers he had in Cleveland in 07-08 and I'll be happy.

DanM said...

EGADS! I have been on the sidelines - getting my fantasy-brains beat in - but reading the Joy of Sox from time to time.

Man, this diatribe has been truly entertaining. Crisp quite simply, though I love him, has been no replacement for Damon (he isn't leading off, he isn't hitting (except into DPs) and while he can run a mile and catch the ball he can't throw it - so he is a swap with Damon in the outfield - NO way at the plate.

How about the trade with Cincy - remember Arroyo?? We still have Clement clogging up our arteries - bad Theo!

I am/was a Renteria fan - it didn't work in Boston and it was expensive. Gonzalez has been much better for us - and he worked out his batting woes to boot! Good for him, and us. Good Theo.

Anyway, this has been an inexplicable year - we need pitching badly. Perhaps we need steroids too?? Oops - my bad!

Go Sox - its hot and when thimgs cool down we will get hot again, I hope!

PS - Except for the money I would take Abreau over Trot night and day and day and night, etc etc etc.
Going, going and GONE!

From the Vined Smithy said...

I don't agree with a lot of Sean's point of view, but I do think that doing nothing is probably the best thing for the Sox right now. I think the price for a pitcher we'd want would be too high.

But as I said on YanksFanvsSoxFan, I'd drool over one Oswalt, who's apparently available, though again, they'd probably ask for way too much.